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Thermal simulation tool for heating appliances.

Project description

Thermal simulation tool for heating appliances.

========= Changelog

| BUG: Bug resolved | ENH: Enhancement of the module | DEP: Deprecation | MAINT: Changes to the package environment | DOC: Changes to the package documentation | BLD: Changes to the package build

0.10.0 - TBA

  • MAINT: API: Main class Models renamed to SimEnv. Models can still be imported/used for backwards compatibility, but will be deprecated in a future release.
  • DEP: Many deprecated/commented LOC removed.
  • DEP: :py:func:utility_functions.NetPlotter: now raises a deprecation warning. The only remaining supported method is plot_errors. Will be removed in future releases.
  • ENH: Started integrating a new way of checking for kwds in :py:func:parts.pipe.Pipe when supporting two different arg naming conventions.

0.9.9 - 2020-08-26

  • MAINT: API-cleaning: Name mangled most imports.
  • DEP: Removed roughly 5k lines of deprecated or commented code. Many more to go...
  • MAINT: Fully :py:func:black'ed and :py:func:flake8'ed all parts of the package.
  • DEP: Some non-optimized parts removed from the package.
  • BUG: :py:func:utility_functions.plt_prediction_realization bugs resolved.
  • ENH: Many commented lines removed.
  • ENH: :py:func:utility_functions minor changes to argument handling and error naming conventions.

0.9.8 - 2020-07-23

  • BLD: Basic pytest testing added in ./tests
  • BLD: Travis CI configured with flake8, mypy and basic pytest testing.
  • ENH: simenv.Models now supports storing arbitrary data to disk. Data storing methods can be registered to Models._disk_store_utility during class initialization.
  • BUG: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Critical bug resolved, causing the modelpredictive control to optimize over the total kumulative heat demand instead of the expected kumulative heat demand.
  • BUG: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Critical bug resolved, causing the modelpredictive control to not increase the optimization step counter when the emergency control hits, cause a delay in the profile slices used for optimization.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP._tes_heat_content: TES energy content calculation refactored.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP._longterm_clip_w_cont: Long-term optimizer continuity enhanced to treat current step result depending on last step's result.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Emergency CHP activation implemented as a two-level control: If the PV falls below setpoint, a mixed mode is activated. This is a 50:50 compound of full power and electricity profile optimized control. If the PV falls below the setpoint minus an additional threshold, the CHP plant goes into full power operation.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP._adapt_cap: Upper and lower TES capacities used for estimating the remaining capacity before full/empty are adapted each time the emergency control hits.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP._restore_adptd_caps: Adapted capacities are slowly restored to initial values of a given timeframe, default 24h.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Adaption and restoring of TES capacities is performed only emergency control was active recently and/or the capacities have not been fully restored.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Modelpredictive optimization results can now be stored on disk.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP._longterm_clip_array: Method added to clip longterm optimization results to modulation range for TES SOC checking.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP._longterm_adj_by_soc: For badly scaled CHP plants, optimization may yield false results (f.i. CHP P_el is much larger than the required power, thus modulation is set to values <.5). In these cases, longterm optimization results are adjusted by the predicted SOC.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Major refactoring of the methods. There is still a massive potential for further refactoring, removing deprecated/commented code, breakpoints etc...

0.9.7 - 2020-06-15

  • ENH: parts.consumer.space_heating added.
  • ENH: parts.consumer.speicherladesys added.
  • ENH: parts.pipe.Pipe.init_part() argument error corrected.
  • ENH: set_disksaving can now infer the start_date from boundary conditions.
  • ENH: utility_functions.Meters.heat_meter can now calculate heat flow from massflows at the hot part.
  • ENH: utility_functions.Meters.heat_meter by default reduces the output by omitting the positive-only flows.
  • ENH: utility_functions.Meters.heat_meter unit of power changed W -> kW and of energy J -> MJ.
  • ENH: parts.heated_pipe emergency shutdown when surpassing a temperature added, default 110°C.
  • ENH: isinstance checks for int and float will be expanded step-by-step to also check for and np.float to avoid some occasionally occurring errors.
  • MAINT: Lots of dead code removed.
  • BUG: Topology handling with operation routine 5 improved, resp. error message for unsafe topology added.
  • MAINT: utility_functions.NetPlotter reintegrated and basic error plotting functionality restored.
  • ENH: Local variable time in Models.start_sim method is now an instance variable named time_sim for simulation environment wide access.
  • ENH: precomp_funs.startup_factor_gas added as a compound factor consisting of the thermal and electrical startup scaled by the efficiencies given in the XRGi20 datasheet.
  • ENH: parts.chp_plant.CHPPlant: Integration of precomp_funs.startup_factor_gas to calculate the gas input during startup.
  • ENH: controllers.ModelPredCHP: Model predictive controller for CHP plant added. The MPC consists of 3 layers: First/outer layer for switching on/off the CHP plant if the heat storage is empty/full, overrides layers 2 and 3; second/middle layer for optimizing the the CHP plant operation schedule by means of an opertation cost function constrained by the TES SOC and mean heat/electric demands in a selected timeframe every few seconds (default: timeframe of 2 days every 900 seconds); third/inner layer to optimize the CHP modulation in each step by means of an operation cost function, depending on decisions made in the second layer.
  • ENH: Model predictive control electricity led CHP plant added to suppliers.chp_with_fghex.
  • BLD: version dependencies updated, most specifically now requiring Python >= 3.7.
  • ENH: parts.part_modules.supplier.chp_with_fg_hex fully integrated model predictive control.

0.9.6 - 2020-03-05

  • ENH: utility_functions.package_results now also accepts absolute paths for move_to.
  • BLD: All references to external non-standard modules (not available on PyPI removed, most notably to toolbox module.
  • ENH: Functions in utility_functions that previously required toolbox module implemented directly.
  • ENH: Functions in utility_functions that previously required toolbox module will be overriden by by toolbox implementations if toolbox module is installed.
  • MAINT: now requires at least a specific version of the required module.
  • BUG: install_requires previously had 'sklearn' as a requirement. This is the import name. Replaced with the correct module name 'scikit-learn'.
  • DOC: classifiers added.
  • BLD: setup.cfg added with [bdist_wheel] universal=0 and included license.
  • BLD: bdist_wheel --universal removed from
  • BLD: automatically sets bdist_wheel --python-tag.
  • ENH: utility_functions.package_results path finding optimized.

0.9.5 - 2020-03-03

  • DOC: INSTALL.rst.txt added with instructions on how to package, build, install and distribute MultiSim.
  • MAINT: now supports automatic upload to PyPI via twine with python upload
  • ENH: Automatic version numbering in download URL.
  • DOC: README.rst updated.

0.9.4 - 2020-03-02

  • ENH: Main sim. class Models made directly accessible from top-level package.
  • DEP: Access to will be restricted in oncoming versions.
  • DOC: Changelog formatting improved.
  • BLD: tweaked for PyPI distribution.
  • BLD: Package released on Github (private repo).
  • BLD: .gitignore added

0.9.3 - 2020-02-19

  • ENH: Import of submodules in package to enable top-level access to submodules.
  • ENH: utility_functions.load_sim_results now takes a keys argument to only load specific columns.
  • ENH: utility_functions.load_results_by_name takes and passes on the keys result.
  • ENH: utility_functions.load_sim_results works by concatenating columns instead of copying value arrays, increasing performance by a factor of about 30.
  • DOC: Changelog description added.

0.9.2 - 2020-02-14

  • ENH: utility_functions.package_results function added to allow for easy structuring of results.
  • ENH: utility_functions.load_results_by_name convenience wrapper added for load_sim_results to allow easy pathless loading of structured results.

0.9.1 - 2020-02-11

  • ENH: Added bypassing to hex_condensing_polynome to allow for massflows >> max water massflow.

0.9.0 - 2020-02-11

  • Initial release
  • All imports made relative imports
  • Packaging of the simulation environment started

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