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Calculate statistics for Oxford Nanopore sequencing data and alignments

Project description


Calculate various statistics from a long read sequencing dataset in fastq, bam or albacore sequencing summary format.

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NanoStat is written for Python3 and will not work in Python2.7 or older.

pip install nanostat
conda install -c bioconda nanostat


NanoStat [-h] [-v] [-o OUTDIR] [-p PREFIX] [-n NAME] [-t N]
                [--barcoded] [--readtype {1D,2D,1D2}]
                (--fastq file [file ...] | --fasta file [file ...] | --summary file [file ...] | --bam file [file ...])

Calculate statistics of long read sequencing dataset.

General options:
  -h, --help            show the help and exit
  -v, --version         Print version and exit.
  -o, --outdir OUTDIR   Specify directory in which output has to be created.
  -p, --prefix PREFIX   Specify an optional prefix to be used for the output file.
  -n, --name NAME       Specify a filename/path for the output, stdout is the default.
  -t, --threads N       Set the allowed number of threads to be used by the script.
  --tsv,                Print the output in a tab-separated-values format

Input options.:
  --barcoded            Use if you want to split the summary file by barcode
  --readtype {1D,2D,1D2}
                        Which read type to extract information about from summary. Options are 1D, 2D,

Input data sources, one of these is required.:
  --fastq file [file ...]
                        Data is in one or more (compressed) fastq file(s).
  --fasta file [file ...]
                        Data is in one or more (compressed) fasta file(s).
  --summary file [file ...]
                        Data is in one or more (compressed) summary file(s)generated by albacore or guppy.
  --bam file [file ...]
                        Data is in one or more sorted bam file(s).

  NanoStat --fastq reads.fastq.gz --outdir statreports
  NanoStat --summary sequencing_summary1.txt sequencing_summary2.txtsequencing_summary3.txt --readtype 1D2
  NanoStat --bam alignment.bam alignment2.bam


NanoStat --fastq reads.fastq.gz --outdir statreports
NanoStat --summary sequencing_summary1.txt sequencing_summary2.txt sequencing_summary3.txt --readtype 1D2
NanoStat --bam alignment.bam alignment2.bam

Example output

General summary:	 
Active channels:	502
Mean read length:	8593.5
Mean read quality:	10.8
Median read length:	5168.0
Median read quality:	11.2
Number of reads:	408254
Read length N50:	15141
Total bases:	3508315665
Number, percentage and megabases of reads above quality cutoffs
>Q5:	406428 (99.6%) 3502.0Mb
>Q7:	395016 (96.8%) 3234.5Mb
>Q10:	305509 (74.8%) 2475.9Mb
>Q12:	87903 (21.5%) 422.9Mb
>Q15:	124 (0.0%) 0.1Mb
Top 5 highest mean basecall quality scores and their read lengths
1:	16.2 (407; a803bcfc-9d7a-4a87-84e4-1a0296113700)
2:	16.2 (880; f5fee32a-9471-4a68-8697-a71887599757)
3:	16.1 (729; 3ea23a79-641e-41ab-bb5b-c22609977136)
4:	16.1 (1057; b0cef5fd-c5e1-4539-9591-b7376b2953e8)
5:	15.8 (841; 3d4f8075-6151-4147-bdc3-e5d53ff66084)
Top 5 longest reads and their mean basecall quality score
1:	255821 (6.8; 7d069f04-d4db-4f12-a1b9-c19d70993492)
2:	254573 (7.1; a245999b-de28-4720-a8c3-0d5cbb26e473)
3:	253711 (7.0; a84b106b-13d3-4bfa-b548-71a47c9032c3)
4:	245784 (7.0; 2a60ee11-8793-46c1-a3d9-667bc4e70405)
5:	245776 (7.1; 72a8cf33-75fd-4c07-8a4c-7516b690938b)

I welcome all suggestions, bug reports, feature requests and contributions. Please leave an issue or open a pull request. I will usually respond within a day, or rarely within a few days.


If you use this tool, please consider citing our publication.

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