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Open Neurophysiology Environment

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Open Neurophysiology Environment

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The Open Neurophysiology Environment is a scheme for sharing neurophysiology data in a standardized manner. It is a Python API for searching and loading ONE-standardized data, stored either on a user’s local machine or on a remote server.

Please Click here for the main documentation page. For a quick primer on the file naming convention we use, click here.

NB: The API and backend database are still under active development, for the best experience please regularly update the package by running pip install -U ONE-api.


ONE runs on Python 3.8 or later, and is tested on the latest Ubuntu and Windows (3.8 and 3.11 only).


Installing the package via pip typically takes a few seconds. To install, run

pip install ONE-api

Set up

For using ONE with a local cache directory:

from one.api import One
one = One(cache_dir='/home/user/downlaods/ONE/behavior_paper')

To use the default setup settings that connect you to the IBL public database:

from one.api import ONE
ONE.setup(silent=True)  # Will use default information
one = ONE(password='international')

For setting up ONE for a given database e.g. internal IBL Alyx:

from one.api import ONE
one = ONE(base_url='')

Once you've setup the API for the first time, subsequent calls will use the same parameters:

from one.api import ONE
one = ONE()

To set up ONE for another database and make it the default:

from one.api import ONE
ONE.setup(base_url='', make_default=True)
one = ONE()  # Connected to

Using ONE

To search for sessions:

from one.api import ONE
one = ONE()
print(one.search_terms())  # A list of search keyword arguments

# Search session with wheel timestamps from January 2021 onward
eids =['2021-01-01',], dataset='wheel.timestamps')

# Search for project sessions with two probes
eids =['probe00', 'probe01'], project='brainwide')

To load data:

from one.api import ONE
one = ONE()

# Load an ALF object
eid = 'a7540211-2c60-40b7-88c6-b081b2213b21'
wheel = one.load_object(eid, 'wheel')

# Load a specific dataset
eid = 'a7540211-2c60-40b7-88c6-b081b2213b21'
ts = one.load_dataset(eid, 'wheel.timestamps', collection='alf')

# Download, but not load, a dataset
filename = one.load_dataset(eid, 'wheel.timestamps', download_only=True)

To share data:

from one.api import One
one = One.setup()  # Enter the location of the ALF datasets when prompted

Further examples and tutorials can be found in the documentation.

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