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OSfooler-ng prevents remote OS active/passive fingerprinting by tools like nmap or p0f. This fork based on change of Python nfqueue (NetfilterQueue) version from 0.5 to 0.8.1 for the sake of run the OSfooler-ng on different distros, not just deb-based.

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License: GPL v3 Version: 1.0b Maintenance


Check original repo for info and stuff. You may also be interested of the OSfooler-ng author's speech at DEF CON 27 (running at Aug 8-11 2019)

This fork based on change of Python's nfqueue (NetfilterQueue) version from 0.5 to 0.8.1 for the sake of run the OSfooler-ng on different distros, not just deb-based.

You may help hugely by trying this on different distros. By now it's been tested fine on Arch and CentOS7.


To get this version, just use git:

$ git clone

You need to install python NetfilterQueue (v0.8.1 or more) linux package. Download from PyPi:

$ wget
$ tar -xzf NetfilterQueue-0.8.1.tar.gz
$ cd NetfilterQueue-0.8.1
$ sudo python install

or try:

$ pip install NetfilterQueue

Install OSfooler-ng in the standard way:

$ sudo python install

Known issues

No such device IO error (error code 19):

  • By default program uses 'eth0' interface that may not be even exist on your machine
  • Find your main TCP/IP interface (you can find it by 'ip a' command)
  • Run OSfooler-ng commands with:
$ <osfooler command> -i 'YOURINTERFACE'


Active Fingerprinting: nmap

To get the full list of OS to emulate, just use the flag '-n':

$ osfooler-ng -n
 [+] Please, select nmap OS to emulate
    + "2N Helios IP VoIP doorbell"
    + "2Wire BT2700HG-V ADSL modem"
    + "2Wire 1701HG wireless ADSL modem"
    + "ZyXEL Prestige 660HW-61 ADSL router (ZyNOS 3.40)"
    + "ZyXEL Prestige 660HW-D1 wireless ADSL router"
    + "ZyXEL ZyWALL 2 Plus firewall"

To emulate an specific OS, just use the flag '-o' with the OS you want to emulate:

$ osfooler-ng -m "Sony Ericsson W705 or W715 Walkman mobile phone"
 [+] Mutating to nmap:
      Fingerprint Sony Ericsson W705 or W715 Walkman mobile phone
      Class Sony Ericsson | embedded || phone
      CPE cpe:/h:sonyericsson:w705
      CPE cpe:/h:sonyericsson:w715
 [+] Activating queues
      [->] Process-1: nmap packet processor

Passive Fingerprinting: p0f v2

To get the full list of OS to emulate, just use the flag '-l':

$ osfooler-ng -p 
Please, select p0f OS Genre and Details
        OS Genre="AIX" Details="4.3"
        OS Genre="AIX" Details="4.3.2 and earlier"
        OS Genre="AIX" Details="4.3.3-5.2 (1)"
        OS Genre="-*NMAP" Details="OS detection probe w/flags (3)"
        OS Genre="-*NMAP" Details="OS detection probe w/flags (4)"
        OS Genre="-*NAST" Details="syn scan"

To emulate any p0f OS, just use the flag '-o' with the OS Genre. This will choose the main OS and custom version will be randomly loaded when a SYN packet is detected. For example:

$ osfooler-ng -o "PalmOS"
 [+] Mutating to p0f:
      WWW:S9|TTL:255|D:0|SS:44|OOO:M536|QQ:.|OS:PalmOS|DETAILS:Tungsten T3/C
      WWW:2948|TTL:255|D:0|SS:44|OOO:M536|QQ:.|OS:PalmOS|DETAILS:3.5.3 (Handera)
      WWW:16384|TTL:255|D:0|SS:44|OOO:M1398|QQ:.|OS:PalmOS|DETAILS:5.2 (Clie)
      WWW:S14|TTL:255|D:0|SS:44|OOO:M1350|QQ:.|OS:PalmOS|DETAILS:5.2.1 (Treo)
      WWW:16384|TTL:255|D:0|SS:44|OOO:M1400|QQ:.|OS:PalmOS|DETAILS:5.2 (Sony)
 [+] Activating queues
      [->] Process-1: p0f packet processor

You can also emulate the full p0f OS, using '-' with the OS Genre and '-d' with custom details:

$ osfooler-ng -o "Windows" -d "XP bare-bone"
 [+] Mutating to p0f:
     WWW:65520|TTL:128|D:1|SS:48|OOO:M*,N,N,S|QQ:.|OS:Windows|DETAILS:XP bare-bone
[+] Activating queues
     [->] Process-1: p0f packet processor

Active and Passive Fingerprinting: nmap & p0f

OSfooler-ng is also capable os emulating both OS to defeat nmap and p0f. Just combine the parameters above:

$ osfooler-ng -m "Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4" -o "Windows" -d "2000 SP4"
 [+] Mutating to nmap:
      Fingerprint Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4
      Class Microsoft | Windows | 2000 | general purpose
      CPE cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_2000::sp4
 [+] Mutating to p0f:
      WWW:40320|TTL:128|D:1|SS:48|OOO:M*,N,N,S|QQ:.|OS:Windows|DETAILS:2000 SP4
 [+] Activating queues
      [->] Process-1: nmap packet processor
      [->] Process-2: p0f packet processor

Searching for Operating Systems

You can search inside nmap/p0f database for a specific OS, instead of getting the whole list. Just use the flag '-s' and enter the keyword you want to search for (case insensitive). You'll get any match found, and if it belongs to nmap or p0f databases:

$ osfooler-ng -s playstation
 [+] Searching databases for: 'playstation'
      [nmap] "Sony Playstation 4 or FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE"
      [nmap] "Sony PlayStation 2 game console test kit 2.2.1"
      [nmap] "Sony PlayStation 3 game console"
      [nmap] "Sony PlayStation 3 game console test kit"
      [nmap] "Sony PlayStation 2 game console"
      [p0f] OS: "Sony" DETAILS: "Playstation 2 (SOCOM?)"

Update nmap database

Use the flag '-u' to check if there's a new version of nmap's database avaiable and to download it

$ osfooler-ng -u
 [+] Checking nmap database... latest!

Custom flags

There are other interesting flags:

  • '-v': Show info about every modified packet
  • '-i <interface>': Choose network interface (eth0 by default)
  • '-V': Show OSfooler-ng banner and current version installed



This project is licensed under the The GNU General Public License v3.0 - see the file for details


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