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Wrapper for Image functions which are used and called in the manner of the famous PIL/Pillow module but work internally with OpenCV.

Project description

# PILasOPENCV Wrapper for Image functions which are used and called in the manner of the famous PIL module but work internally with OpenCV. Since there is no truetype font support for Python in OpenCV (it exists for the OpenCV C libraries) this module might be useful since it supports all kind of truetype fonts to be integrated in images. It depends on the library freetype-py. See below for more details on this.

This library can be used to migrate old PIL projects to OPENCV.

You install this module with

pip install PILasOPENCV

or you donwload the module and install it with:

python install

and then you change the import command at the beginning of your project files from

from PIL import Image


import PIL.Image as Image


import PILasOPENCV as Image

Internally no PIL or Pillow library is used anymore but the opencv module for doing all the graphical work.

Sample script:

from __future__ import print_function

import PILasOPENCV as Image

# was: from PIL import Image

im =“RGB”, (512, 512), “white”)

testfile = “lena.jpg”

im =


# JPEG (512, 512) RGB“lena.bmp”)

small = im.copy()

thsize = (128, 128)


box = (100, 100, 400, 400)

region = im.crop(box)

print(“region”,region.format, region.size, region.mode)

# region = region.transpose(Image.ROTATE_180)

region = region.transpose(Image.ROTATE_180)

im.paste(region, box)

# Export CV2/Numpy images You can export the cv2/numpy image from an Image instance with the command getim():

from __future__ import print_function

import PILasOPENCV as Image

import cv2

im =“lena.jpg”)

numpy_image = im.getim()

print(type(numpy_image), numpy_image.shape)

cv2.imshow(“numpy_image”, numpy_image)


# Attention: This is a very unstable development version. Use with care. Not much testing has been done to it though tests have been done. They can be found in the tests directory.

# TO DO: The most used classes and methods like ImageMode, ImageColor, ImageChops are implemented but have not been fully tested. Image, ImageFont, ImageDraw, ImageGrab and ImageFilter have been tested with several testcases. Some functions/methods of these classes are missing and are not implemented though. If you want to import them, import them with:

import PILasOPENCV as Image

import PILasOPENCV as ImageMode

import PILasOPENCV as ImageColor

import PILasOPENCV as ImageDraw

import PILasOPENCV as ImageFilter

import PILasOPENCV as ImageChops

import PILasOPENCV as ImageFont

import PILasOPENCV as ImageGrab

The PIL classes ImageEnhance, ImageFile, ImageFileIO, ImageMath, ImageOps, ImagePath, ImageQt, ImageSequence, ImageStat, ImageTk, ImageWin, ImageGL have not been implemented.

If you want to use the methods getsize and getmask from ImageFont you have to use them differently:

from __future__ import print_function

import PILasOPENCV as Image

import PILasOPENCV as ImageDraw

import PILasOPENCV as ImageFont

import cv2

# from PIL import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont

font = ImageFont.truetype(“ARIAL.ttf”.lower(), 18)

im =“lena.jpg”)

draw = ImageDraw.Draw(im)

text = “Lena’s image”

draw.text((249,455), text, font=font, fill=(0, 0, 0))

# in PIL:

# print(font.getsize(text))

# mask = font.getmask(text)

print(ImageFont.getsize(text, font))

mask = ImageFont.getmask(text, font)


cv2.imshow(“mask”, mask)

If you want to fork this project, feel free to do so. Give me a message in case you are forking and improving the code.

# Dependencies: You need to have numpy, opencv, mss and freetype installed to run the module. Install it with

pip install numpy opencv-python freetype-py mss

# Version history:

2.1: though OpenCV does not support gif images, PILasOPENCV now can load gif images by courtesy of the library gif2numpy

2.0: disabled ImageGrab.grabclipboard() in case it throws exceptions which happens e.g. on Ubuntu/Linux

1.9: disabled ImageGrab.grabclipboard() which throw exceptions on some platforms

1.8: ImageGrab.grab() and ImageGrab.grabclipboard() implemented with dependency on mss

1.7: fixed fromarray

1.6: fixed frombytes, getdata, putdata and caught exception in case freetype-py is not installed or dll is missing

# Licence MIT

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