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Periodic Table Elements short description

Project description


A python API/console script for the periodic table elements.

Created by Vaasu Devan S <>

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>>> python -m pip install PeriodicElements
>>> python3 -m pip install PeriodicElements

Importing the Package

for Python 3.X Series,

>>> from elements import elements
>>> import elements.elements as elements

for Python2.X Series,

>>> import elements

Basic Usage

>>> elements.H
<Hydrogen Element>
>>> elements.hydrogen.AtomicMass        #elements.H.AtomicMass
'1.00794 amu'

Find for any element from the keys [‘AtomicMass’, ‘AtomicNumber’, ‘BoilingPoint’, ‘Classification’, ‘Color’, ‘CrystalStructure’, ‘Density’, ‘Discovery’, ‘MeltingPoint’, ‘Name’, ‘Neutrons’, ‘ObtainedFrom’, ‘Protons_Electrons’, ‘Symbol’, ‘Uses’]

>>> elements.Au.Discovery
{'NameOrigin': 'From the Old English word geolo (yellow)', 'Discoverer': 'Unknown', 'Year': 'circa3000BC'}
>>> print elements.Si.MeltingPoint
{'Farenheit': 2570.0, 'Celsius': 1410.0, 'Kelvin': 1683.15}

show() method

Name: Hydrogen
Symbol: H
AtomicNumber: 1
AtomicMass: 1.00794 amu
MeltingPoint: {'Farenheit': -434.45203, 'Celsius': -259.14, 'Kelvin': 14.009985}
BoilingPoint: {'Farenheit': -423.166, 'Celsius': -252.87, 'Kelvin': 20.280005}
Protons_Electrons: 1
Neutrons: 0
Classification: Non-Metal
CrystalStructure: Hexagonal
Density: 0.08988 g/cm3 (@293k)
Color: colorless
Discovery: {'NameOrigin': 'From Greek words hudor (water) & gennan (generate)', 'Discoverer': 'Henry Cavendish', 'Year': '1766'}
Uses: Balloons & Metal Refining
ObtainedFrom: mines, oil, gas wells

get() method

>>> data=elements.H.get()     #or elements.hydrogen.get()
>>> print data
{'BoilingPoint': {'Farenheit': -423.166, 'Celsius': -252.87, 'Kelvin': 20.280005}, 'Name': 'Hydrogen', 'Density': '0.08988 g/cm3 (@293k)',
'CrystalStructure': 'Hexagonal', 'AtomicMass': '1.00794 amu', 'Discovery': {'NameOrigin': 'From Greek words hudor (water) & gennan (generate)',
'Discoverer': 'Henry Cavendish', 'Year': '1766'},
'MeltingPoint': {'Farenheit': -434.45203, 'Celsius': -259.14, 'Kelvin': 14.009985},
'ObtainedFrom': 'mines, oil, gas wells', 'Classification': 'Non-Metal', 'Color': 'colorless', 'Symbol': 'H',
'AtomicNumber': 1, 'Protons_Electrons': '1', 'Uses': 'Balloons & Metal Refining', 'Neutrons': '0'}

compare() method

Property          | Gold                Helium
Symbol            | Au                  He
AtomicNumber      | 79                  2
AtomicMass        | 196.96655 amu       4.002602 amu
Classification    | Transition Metal    Noble Gas
CrystalStructure  | Cubic               Hexagonal
Density           | 19.32 g/cm3         0.1785 g/cm3
Color             | Gold                colorless

Elemental Classification

[Alkali_Metals, Alkaline_Earth_Metals, Halogens, Metalloids, Rare_Earth_Elements, Rare_Gases, Noble_Gases, Transition_Metals, Non_Metals, Others]

>>> elements.Alkali_Metals
[<Cesium Element>, <Francium Element>, <Lithium Element>, <Potassium Element>, <Rubidium Element>, <Sodium Element>]

Get all the element names of type String

>>> MyElements=elements.AllElements
>>> len(MyElements)

Get all the element symbols of type String

>>> MySymbols=elements.AllSymbols
>>> MySymbols
['Ac', 'Ag', 'Al', 'Am', 'Ar', 'As', 'At', 'Au', 'B', 'Ba', 'Be', 'Bh', 'Bi', 'Bk', 'Br', 'C', 'Ca', 'Cd', 'Ce', 'Cf', 'Cl', 'Cm', 'Co', 'Cr',
'Cs', 'Cu', 'Db', 'Dy', 'Er', 'Es', 'Eu', 'F', 'Fe', 'Fm', 'Fr', 'Ga', 'Gd', 'Ge', 'H', 'He', 'Hf', 'Hg', 'Ho', 'Hs', 'I', 'In', 'Ir', 'K', 'Kr',
'La', 'Li', 'Lr', 'Lu', 'Md', 'Mg', 'Mn', 'Mo', 'Mt', 'N', 'Na', 'Nb', 'Nd', 'Ne', 'Ni', 'No', 'Np', 'O', 'Os', 'P', 'Pa', 'Pb', 'Pd', 'Pm', 'Po',
'Pr', 'Pt', 'Pu', 'Ra', 'Rb', 'Re', 'Rf', 'Rh', 'Rn', 'Ru', 'S', 'Sb', 'Sc', 'Se', 'Sg', 'Si', 'Sm', 'Sn', 'Sr', 'Ta', 'Tb', 'Tc', 'Te', 'Th',
'Ti', 'Tl', 'Tm', 'U', 'Uub', 'Uun', 'Uuu', 'V', 'W', 'Xe', 'Y', 'Yb', 'Zn', 'Zr']


Get all the element objects for your Specific Operation

>>> data=elements.Elements

Sorting the elements

>>> sorted(data,key=lambda i:i.AtomicNumber)  # Based on their AtomicNumber
>>> sorted(data,key=lambda i:i.AtomicMass)    # Based on their AtomicMass
>>> def fun(i):
       if type(i.BoilingPoint) is dict:
            return i.BoilingPoint['Celsius']
>>> sorted(data,key=fun)[19:]          # Based on the BoilingPoint. (Some are unknown)
>>> def fun(i):
       if type(i.MeltingPoint) is dict:
            return i.MeltingPoint['Celsius']
>>> sorted(data,key=fun)[17:]          # Based on MeltingPoint.  (Some are unknown)

Periodic table

>>> print elements.Table  # print(elements.Table)
  -----                                                               -----
1 | H |                                                               |He |
  |---+----                                       --------------------+---|
2 |Li |Be |                                       | B | C | N | O | F |Ne |
  |---+---|                                       |---+---+---+---+---+---|
3 |Na |Mg |3B  4B  5B  6B  7B |    8B     |1B  2B |Al |Si | P | S |Cl |Ar |
4 | K |Ca |Sc |Ti | V |Cr |Mn |Fe |Co |Ni |Cu |Zn |Ga |Ge |As |Se |Br |Kr |
5 |Rb |Sr | Y |Zr |Nb |Mo |Tc |Ru |Rh |Pd |Ag |Cd |In |Sn |Sb |Te | I |Xe |
6 |Cs |Ba |LAN|Hf |Ta | W |Re |Os |Ir |Pt |Au |Hg |Tl |Pb |Bi |Po |At |Rn |
7 |Fr |Ra |ACT|
   Lanthanide |La |Ce |Pr |Nd |Pm |Sm |Eu |Gd |Tb |Dy |Ho |Er |Tm |Yb |Lu |
   Actinide   |Ac |Th |Pa | U |Np |Pu |Am |Cm |Bk |Cf |Es |Fm |Md |No |Lw |

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