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Pure Python 3 Async Pixiv API

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Async Pixiv API for Python 3(with Auth supported)

PixivPy-Async is an async Python 3 library of Pixiv API(with Auth supported).


Based on PixivPy:



pip install pixivpy-async

Import Package

Import async pixivpy:

from pixivpy_async import *

...or sync pixivpy(Sync Support):

from pixivpy_async.sync import *

API Init

# Use Context Manager (Recommended)
async with PixivClient() as client:
    aapi = AppPixivAPI(client=client)
    # Doing stuff...

# Or
client = PixivClient()
aapi = AppPixivAPI(client=client.start())
# Doing stuff...
await client.close()

# Or Following Standard Usage
papi = PixivAPI()
aapi = AppPixivAPI()


# For Public Pixiv API
await papi.login(username, password)

# For App Pixiv API
await papi.login(username, password)

Doing stuff

await aapi.illust_detail(59580629)
await aapi.illust_comments(59580629)
await aapi.ugoira_metadata(51815717)

await aapi.illust_recommended(bookmark_illust_ids=[59580629])
aapi.parse_qs(json_result.next_url) # page down in some case
await aapi.illust_recommended(**next_qs)
await aapi.illust_related(59580629)
await aapi.user_detail(275527)
await aapi.user_illusts(275527)
await aapi.user_bookmarks_illust(2088434)
await aapi.user_following(7314824)
await aapi.user_follower(275527)
await aapi.user_mypixiv(275527)
await aapi.trending_tags_illust()
await aapi.search_illust(first_tag, search_target='partial_match_for_tags')
await aapi.illust_ranking('day_male')
await aapi.illust_follow(req_auth=True)
await aapi.illust_recommended(req_auth=True)
await aapi.illust_ranking('day', date='2016-08-01')
await, path=directory, name=name)

await papi.users(1184799)
await papi.me_feeds(show_r18=0)
await papi.me_favorite_works(publicity='private')
await papi.me_following_works()
await papi.me_following()
await papi.users_works(1184799)
await papi.users_favorite_works(1184799)
await papi.users_feeds(1184799, show_r18=0)
await papi.users_following(4102577)
await papi.ranking('illust', 'weekly', 1)
await papi.ranking(ranking_type='all', mode='daily', page=1, date='2015-05-01')

await papi.search_works("五航戦 姉妹", page=1, mode='text')
await papi.latest_works()

Nest steps

Read docs for more information

Read demos for more usage

Sync support

(Inspired by telethon)

The moment you import any of these:

from pixivpy_async import sync, ...
# or
from pixivpy_async.sync import ...
# or
import pixivpy_async.sync

The sync module rewrites most async def methods in pixivpy_async to something similar to this:

def new_method():
    result = original_method()
    if loop.is_running():
        # the loop is already running, return the await-able to the user
        return result
        # the loop is not running yet, so we can run it for the user
        return loop.run_until_complete(result)

That means you can do thing like this:

aapi = AppPixivAPI()
aapi.login(username, password)


  • [2019/09/13] First Version

Performance Testing

Warning: The rate limit was hit multiple times during the test, so the result may not be informative.


Method Sync(10,sg) Async(10,sg) Sync(200,sg) Async(200,sg)
illust_detail 1.1209 0.8641 31.7041 2.4580
illust_ranking 1.0697 0.7936 28.4539 2.0693
user_illusts 0.8824 0.7505 28.3981 1.8199
user_detail 0.9628 0.7550 28.3055 1.7738
ugoira_metadata 0.8509 0.7459 29.5566 2.2331
works 1.1204 0.8912 32.2068 2.8513
me_following_works 1.1253 0.7845 39.3142 2.2785
ranking 1.0946 0.7944 39.6509 2.6548
latest_works 1.0483 0.8667 36.1992 2.5066
Method Sync(500,jp) Async(500,jp)
illust_detail 6.2178 0.6400
illust_ranking 6.4046 0.6119
user_illusts 7.6093 1.5266
user_detail 6.6759 0.5952
ugoira_metadata 6.5155 0.7577
works 13.3074 0.8619
me_following_works 24.2693 2.0835
ranking 21.4119 3.2805
latest_works 17.3502 2.7029


Feel free to use, reuse and abuse the code in this project.

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