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A facility for comfortable activation/deactivation of CMF compliant add ons for Zope.

Project description



CMFQuickInstallerTool is a facility for comfortable activation/deactivation of CMF compliant products inside a Zope/CMF site.

Therefore it has to be installed as a tool inside a CMF portal, where it stores the information about the installed products.

The requirements for a product to be installable with QuickInstallerTool are quite simple (almost all existing CMF products fulfill them):

  • the product has to implement an external method install in a python module in its Extensions directory (old style).


  • The addon/product ships with a GenericSetup extension profile (but has no install method as above). If there are multiple profiles the alphabetically first wins.

Products can be uninstalled and QuickInstallerTool removes the following items a product creates during install:

  • portal actions,

  • portal skins,

  • portal types,

  • portal objects (objects created in the root of the portal),

  • workflows,

  • left and right slots (also checks them only for the portal),

  • resource registry entries


In the ZMI click on portal_quickinstaller. The management screen allows you to select products for installation and uninstallation. You can browse into the installed products and see what was created and the logs of the install process.

Customized uninstall

In order to use a customize uninstall, the following requirements must be met:

  • the product has to implement an external method uninstall in a python module in its Extensions directory. Please note that the customized uninstall method is invoked before (and in addition to) the standard removal of objects.


  • the addon/product has to ship with a GenericSetup extension profile postfixed with uninstall. That will be run on uninstall only if there is no external method uninstall.


install(portal) or install(portal, reinstall)


uninstall(portal) or uninstall(portal, reinstall)


Reinstalling a product invokes uninstall() and install(). If you have special code which should work differently on reinstall than uninstall/install you can add a second argument to the install or uninstall method named ‘reinstall’ which is true only for a reinstallation. In most cases you shouldn’t react differently when reinstalling!


4.0.4 (2021-03-02)

Bug fixes:

  • Require ‘Manage portal’ permission for accessing the tool or an installed product. For most methods this was already the case, but you could get some info from the objects themselves. [maurits] (#24)

4.0.3 (2020-04-23)

Bug fixes:

  • Minor packaging updates. (#1)

4.0.2 (2020-03-09)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix failing test. [tschorr] (#23)

4.0.1 (2019-06-19)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issues during migration form Plone 4.3 to 5.2. [pbauer] (#22)

4.0.0 (2018-11-05)

Breaking changes:

  • Added functionality and tests from CMFPlone. Added uninstall profile. And no longer count on being installed by CMFPlone, especially in tests. Marked for Plone 5.2 as minimum version. This package is end-of-life. You should use GenericSetup profiles instead. [maurits] (#18)

Bug fixes:

  • Python 2 / 3 compatibility. [ale-rt, jensens, pbauer] (#20)

3.0.16 (2018-01-30)

Bug fixes:

  • Add Python 2 / 3 compatibility. [maurits]

  • Add undeclared Products.ExternalMethod dependency. [esteele]

3.0.15 (2017-02-12)

Bug fixes:

  • Fix imports since Globals was removed in Zope4 [pbauer]

3.0.14 (2016-10-03)

Bug fixes:

  • Added link to the Add-ons control panel in the QI ZMI form. And say the form itself is deprecated. [maurits]

  • Apply security hotfix 20160830 for installProducts redirection. On top of that, we require a POST request. [maurits]

3.0.13 (2016-01-08)


  • Use unsetLastVersionForProfile from Products.GenericSetup 1.8.1. [maurits]

3.0.12 (2015-09-21)

  • When uninstalling a product, mark its install profile as unknown, so portal_setup also regards it as not installed. [maurits]

3.0.11 (2015-08-22)

3.0.10 (2015-07-29)

  • Cleanup: PEP8, decorators for security+zca, et al. [jensens]

3.0.9 (2015-06-15)

3.0.8 (2015-03-21)

  • No longer prevent INonInstallable profiles from being recorded as installed products. (Really they are auto-installed products, not non-installable ones.) [davisagli]

3.0.7 (2014-10-24)

  • Allow to pass the option to skip certain steps to GenericSetup’s runAllImportStepsFromProfile. [pbauer]

  • switch to using volatile attributes for detected errors so we don’t write to the ZODB on read [vangheem]

  • Fixed a bug where listing the installable products would always result in a transaction payload. [malthe]

  • Remove InstalledProduct instance when a product is uninstalled. Leaving the instance around can prevent settings from being stored properly on subsequent installation of the product. [rochecompaan]

  • interfaces/ Don’t use list as default parameter value. [kleist]

  • Ported tests to and removed CMFTestCase dependency [tomgross]

  • PEP8 cleanup [tomgross]

3.0.6 (2012-03-15)

  • Fixed a bug where products installed via a GenericSetup profile would record the installed items from all of the profile’s dependencies. This would then result in too much being removed when the product was uninstalled. [davisagli]

  • Add some missing test setup. [davisagli]

3.0.5 - 2011-03-31

  • Register test profile only when needed. Testcase change only. [gotcha]

3.0.4 - 2011-02-26

  • Protect isProductInstalled so it is only callable by Managers. [davisagli]

  • Remove utility mapping in site manager’s dictionary to enable a complete uninstall. This fixes an issue where a cascade-based uninstall would not entirely remove utilities, but merely unregister them from the component registry.

3.0.3 - 2010-11-06

  • Updated the delete portalobjects method to NOT delete items that implement IContentish or IFolderish. This will help people who create custom products and put content containers at the root on install [eleddy]

3.0.2 - 2010-10-27

  • Use the new get_registered_packages API in Zope 2.13+ to get the registered packages, instead of the _registered_packages attribute of the Products module. [davisagli]

3.0.1 - 2010-09-09

  • Uninstall control panels. [elro]

3.0 - 2010-07-18

  • Use the standard libraries doctest module. [hannosch]

3.0b3 - 2010-02-04

  • Reworked the last bits of the install machinery to work without the product registry. [hannosch]

  • Refactored common code to check and generate the external install methods into helper methods in utils. [hannosch]

  • Freed listInstallableProducts from its dependency on the product registry. [hannosch]

  • Added a get_packages helper methods to reduce the dependencies on the persistent product registry and convert the getProductFile method to use it. [hannosch]

3.0b2 - 2010-01-02

  • Limit the installable products screen to listing only extension profiles which are either registered without a for attribute (i.e. for any type of context), or registered for Products.CMFCore.interfaces.ISiteRoot or Products.CMFPlone.interfaces.IPloneSiteRoot. This allows products to use another marker interface to group profiles together, without fear of those showing up in portal_quickinstaller. [optilude]

3.0b1 - 2009-12-27

  • Removed no longer needed check for CMF < 2.1. [hannosch]

  • Added missing test dependency on Products.CMFCalendar. [hannosch]

3.0a1 - 2009-11-13

  • Further optimized the handleBeforeProfileImportEvent logic. We ignore any non-installable profiles. [hannosch]

  • Changed tests to use addProfile instead of addProduct to install this package, as we don’t have an Extensions.Install module ourselves anymore. [hannosch]

  • Updated package metadata and cleaned up old code. [hannosch]

  • Declare package dependencies and fixed deprecation warnings for use of Globals. [hannosch]

2.1.7 (2009-4-4)

  • Do not use the GenericSetup profile version: the profile version has no relation to the package version. [wichert]

  • Do not use the GenericSetup profile version: the profile version has no relation to the package version. [wichert]

  • Fixed actions installation tests. [hannosch]

  • Cache listInstallableProducts in event handler to improve portal creation time. [stefan]

  • Use aq_parent(aq_inner()) to get at the portal root, otherwise we can end up getting the quickinstaller tool by accident if it’s acquired through itself. [sidnei]

2.1.6 (2008-07-07)

  • Applied a tiny fix that caused good installations to fail during log generation. [gogobd]

  • Use aq_base on all attribute retrieval during InstalledProduct’s cascade deletion so we don’t inadvertently try to delete something retrieved via acquisition. [rafrombrc]

2.1.5 (2008-06-02)

  • Improved getInstallMethod to log ImportError instead of silently skipping it. It was unclear why product does not appear in QI even if there is no error raised on instance startup. [naro]

  • Prefer sorting the list of installable and installed products by title instead of id. [hannosch]

  • Correct handling of products with pre-CMF2.1 style actions [wichert]

2.1.4 (2008-04-27)

  • The same error should be displayed only once even if it occurs with the old style install method and with the GenericSetup profile [encolpe]

  • The getInstallMethod should ignore ImportError when looking for install methods for a product. This makes it possible to install products which have a working GenericSetup profile but a broken Install external method. [wichert]

2.1.3 (2008-04-21)

  • Fixed getInstallProfile method for packages from the ‘Products’ namespace. This allows Quickinstaller to show the profile title instead of the product name. [encolpe]

2.1.2 (2008-04-20)

  • Fix when a product comes from the ‘Products’ namespace and has both installation profile and an entry in the control panel. [encolpe]

  • Added getattr code to make sure uninstall for products which have not been installed properly doesn’t fail that easily. [hannosch, wichert]

  • Added initialize code for all values in DEFAULT_CASCADE. Otherwise you could get errors during uninstall of products which where installed via notifyInstalled. [hannosch, wichert]

  • Display of add on products README file could generate UnicodeDecodeError when the README file included non-ascii characters. This closes [hannosch]

  • Removed all error swallowing options from QuickInstaller. We always raise an error now, if one is encountered during product install. This closes [hannosch]

2.1.1 (2008-03-26)

  • Added getProductDescription method to expose the description from an extension profile. [hannosch]

  • Added new listInstallableProfiles method, to include products without a Zope2 control panel entry in the listings. [hannosch]

  • Tighten some security settings. [hannosch]

  • Fixed actions re/uninstall for products installed prior to CMF 2.1. This closes [hannosch]

  • Restored code which got accidentally removed in c38815. [hannosch]

2.1 (2008-03-09)

  • Added metadata.xml to GenericSetup profile. [hannosch]

  • Avoid breakage for InstalledProduct instances without the left or rightslots properties. Thx to Roberto Fontanarosa from the OpenCpi division of Cpi Progetti Spa. [hannosch]

  • Fixed logging code in utils. This closes [bliles, hannosch]

  • Reverted getUtility usage. Closes [hannosch]

  • Fixed class variables in InstalledProduct. All products would share the same left slots and right slots properties. Thx to Saverio Mucci for noting this. [hannosch]

  • Hook into the import-events generated by the development version of GenericSetup. This allows us to automatically mark a product as installed if its profile is imported successfully. [wichert]

  • Avoid an unneeded transaction savepoint. [hannosch]

2.0.3 (2007-07-09)

  • Use new GenericSetup features, so we don’t have to change the current setup tool context anymore. [hannosch]

2.0.2b3 (2007-05-01)

  • Back to getToolByName. [wichert]

  • Added uninstall support for utilities. All additional utilities installed by a product are now recorded and uninstalled properly. [hannosch]

2.0.2b2 (2007-03-23)

  • Added new profile argument to the installProduct method to explicitly set the profile which should be used for installation. [hannosch]

  • Marked the Products.CMFQI package as uninstallable as well. [hannosch]

  • Replaced all getToolByName calls by get/queryUtility. [hannosch]

2.0.2b1 (2007-03-05)

  • Don’t show removed products in the standard listings. [hannosch]

  • Adjusted listInstallable and listInstalled methods to return the title of the GenericSetup profile instead of the package name, for extension profile based installation. These look a lot nicer ;) This fixes [hannosch]

2.0.1 (2007-02-10)

  • Adjusted installProduct method to be compatible with CMF 2.1 (including the conversion of tools as utilities). [hannosch]

  • Refactored ResourceRegistries support not to require the product itself to be installed in QI. [hannosch]

  • Added the INonInstallable interface that is used to look up utilities which provide a list of non-installable products. This allows applications to exclude certain products from the list of installable products. [hannosch]

  • Added an option to omit snapshot creation which defaults to True to speed up test runs and migrations. [hannosch]

  • We automatically create a GenericSetup snapshot before and after installation now, so you can at least compare the changes a product did during installation. We have no better uninstall yet, though. [hannosch]

2.0.0 (2006-10-25)

  • Slightly optimize for GenericSetup profile based installations. [hannosch]

  • Adjusted actions installation tracking to work with CMF 2.1+. [hannosch]

  • Made profile based installation work with CMF 2.1+. The profile id may use the full package name now, instead of only the product name (for example: Products.CMFCalendar instead of CMFCalendar). [hannosch]

  • Changed GS profile registration to be zcml based. Fixed some problems with the logging calls. Removed some stale code from the tests. [hannosch]

  • Removed lots of unused and bbb code. This version requires at least CMF 1.6. [hannosch]

  • Added support for GenericSetup extension profile-based installation. [hannosch]

1.6.1 (2007-04-28)

  • Disabled postonly protection for product reinstall. This broke the reinstall functionality on the Plone control panel. The postonly protection can be enabled once the control panel is changed. [hannosch]

1.6.0 (2007-04-22)

  • Applied postonly protection to product uninstall and reinstall. [alecm]

1.5.9 (2006-06-01)

1.5.8 (2006-05-15)

  • Some general spring cleaning. [hannosch]

  • Avoid DeprecationWarning for product_name. [hannosch]

  • Added methods to display Products directory and debug mode (if enabled) [joelburton]

1.5.7 (2005-12-23)

  • Cook resources when new types were added and ResourceRegistries is installed. [fschulze]

  • If we are reinstalling do not say the product is already installed if we see an exception but show the real error message [wichert]

1.5.6 (2005-12-18)


  • Keeping track of ResourceRegistries entries. [zwork]


  • listInstalledProducts and listInstallableProducts now return alphabetized lists. [geoffd]

  • Catch errors where the product is there but install cannot by compiled, this picks up syntax errors and adds the them to an errors dict. When listInstallableProducts is called, the errors dict is repoulated. Also added in a few except ConflictErrors. [andym]

  • Fixing plone bug #3113, where the “uninstall” button would raise an exception if no items were selected; this makes the uninstallProducts() method symmetric with the installProducts() method [optilude]


  • Added an Extensions.Install module and an initial test suite. [stefan]

  • Added optional reinstall argument to install() and uninstall() method [tiran]

  • Enabled uninstall of deleted products by making the handle missing product directories slightly more gracefully. [tesdal]

  • Fixed multiple register bug

    QI doesn’t assign an object to a product when it is already registered for another product. This fixes bugs like the removal of the archetype tool when a product was removed which itself had had installed Archetypes. [tiran]

  • Added afterInstall / beforeUninstall hooks:

    out = afterInstall(portal, reinstall=reinstall, qi_product) out, cascade = beforeUninstall(portal, reinstall, qi_product, cascade) [tiran]


  • reinstall button

    does the same as uninstall/install except that it does _not_ delete objects that have been created on portal_level (portal_objects)

  • product version info

    added getProductVersion to the API shows the version of the products for installed products it also shows the version of the prod at install time

  • By Andy McKay

    Remove the except: pass from trying to make a External method, if there is an error in the import log the error to ZLOG. Unfortunately there is a string error we have to try and catch as well. That string error occurs when the module cant be found, so we should ignore that.

  • content type registry support

    QuickInstaller now also tracks entries in the content_type_registry.

  • if products have been removed from disc, mark them in the installed list as ‘removed’

  • added a ChangeLog :)

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