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Python GSSAPI Wrapper

Project description


Please use ‘gssapi’ instead (on PyPI, or on GitHub at


PyGSSAPI provides both low-level and high level wrappers around the GSSAPI C libraries. While it focuses on the Kerberos mechanism, it should also be useable with other GSSAPI mechanisms that do not rely on mechanism-specific C values that cannot easily be translated into Python.


  • A working implementation of GSSAPI (such as from MIT Kerberos) which includes header files
  • a C compiler (such as GCC)
  • the flufl.enum Python package
  • the nose package (for tests)
  • the shouldbe package (for tests)


Easy Way

$ pip install pygssapi

From the Git Repo

$ git clone
$ python build
$ python install


I have written some tests of PyGSSAPI; they live in the gssapi.tests directory. Currently the basic gssapi.base commands and gssapi.client.BasicGSSClient have been tested. Before running the tests, a valid ‘host/[FQDN]’ (e.g. ‘host/some.domain’) must have been kinit-ed. If you run tox, it will do this for you (you will likely need to run tox with sudo).

$ sudo tox


$ sudo kinit host/some.domain -k
$ sudo nosetests


PyGSSAPI is composed of two parts: the low-level, C-style wrapper and the high-level, Python-style wrapper (which is a wrapper around the low-level API). Modules written in C are denoted by ‘(C)’, whereas those written in Python are denoted ‘(Py)’

Low-Level API

The low-level API lives in gssapi.base. The methods contained therein are designed to match closely with the original GSSAPI C methods. They follow the given format:

  • Names are camelCased versions of the C method names, with the gssapi_ prefix removed
  • Parameters which use C int constants as enums have flufl.enum.IntEnum classes defined, and thus may be passed either the enum members or integers
  • In cases where a specific constant is passed in the C API to represent a default value, None should be passed instead
  • In cases where non-integer C constants are passed, flufl.enum.Enum classes are defined for common values
  • Major and minor error codes are returned via gssapi.base.GSSError
  • All other relevant output values are returned in a tuple in the return value of the method (in cases where a non-error major status code may be returned, an additional member of the tuple is provided)
gssapi : /
base : /

includes all sub-packages automatically

impl : (C)
core C-API methods
status_utils : (C)
utilities for dealing with status codes
types : (Py)
Enumerations and Exception Types
import gssapi.base as gb

TODO(sross): provide more examples

High-Level API

The high-level API lives directly under gssapi. The classes contained in each file are designed to provide a more Python, Object-Oriented view of GSSAPI. Currently, they are designed for the basic GSSAPI tasks, but will be expanded upon in the future.

gssapi : /
client : (Py)

basic clients

a client capable of performing basic GSS negotiation/encryption
a helper class to simplify working with SASL GSSAPI
type_wrappers : (Py)
provides useful wrappers around some Python capsule objects
import gssapi.client as gss

client = gss.BasicGSSClient('', security_type='encrypted')

init_token = client.setupBaseSecurityContext()
# send to server, get response back...
next_token = client.updateSecurityContext(server_resp)
# encrypt a message
msg_enc = client.encrypt('WARNING: this is secret')
# send the message, get response back...
msg_unenc = client.decrypt(server_encrypted_message)

# freeing of resources (such as deleting the security context and releasing
# the names) is handled automatically

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