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PyGuitar generates an easy-to-practice chord book.

Project description

PyGuitar: Chord book generator


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PyGuitar generates an easy-to-practice chord book.


There are two ways to install PyGuitar:

  • Install PyGuitar from PyPI (recommended):
    $ sudo pip install PyGuitar
  • Alternatively: install PyGuitar from the GitHub source:
    $ git clone
    $ cd PyGuitar
    $ sudo python install

How to use

  • Create Guitar Instance
    from guitar import Guitar
    guitar = Guitar(key="C", scale="major")
  • plot guitar layout
    Output chord layout
  • plot guitar strings
    Output guitar strings
  • plot chord
    guitar.plot_chord(chode="G#", string=6, mode="minor")
    Output chord-G#.png
  • export chordbook
    guitar = Guitar(key="B", scale="major", dark_mode=False)
    guitar.set_chord(chode="D#", string=5, mode="minor")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="G#", string=6, mode="minor")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="E",  string=6, mode="major")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="B",  string=5, mode="major")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="F#", string=6, mode="minor")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="C#", string=5, mode="major")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="F#", string=6, mode="sus4")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="C#", string=5, mode="7th")
    guitar.set_chord(chode="D#", string=5, mode="7th")
    Output Whole-notes.png
  • scraping -> chordbook
    title, key, data = get_ufret_chords_with_driver(url)
    guitar = Guitar()
    Output chordbook.png
  • scraping -> chordbook (docker oneline)
    make ufret URL=""
    Save data at /data/'欲望に満ちた青年団 | ONE OK ROCK'-key_B-major_scale.pdf


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