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PyKomoran is Python wrapper for KOMORAN, KOrean MORphical ANalyzer.

Project description


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  • To use PyKomoran, the following requirements must be installed
    • Java 8+ JDK Environment
      • We recommend you use OracleJDK / OpenJDK.
    • Python 3.4+
      • We recommend you use Python 3.4 or higher.
    • Py4J, 0.10 (or higher)
      • This will be installed when installing PyKomoran using pip.

How to install

  • You can install PyKomoran using pip.
  pip install PyKomoran
  • Or, just clone this repository and install by yourself.
  git clone
  cd PyKOMORAN/python
  python install


Quick start

  • After import dependencies, create a Komoran instance.
  from PyKomoran import *
  komoran = Komoran("STABLE")
  • After then, run analyzing method.
  komoran.get_plain_text("① 대한민국은 민주공화국이다.")
  # # Result
  # '①/SW 대한민국/NNP 은/JX 민주/NNP 공화국/NNG 이/VCP 다/EF ./SF'

Usage in detail


  • Please use BibTeX below.

      author = {Junsoo Shin, Junghwan Park, Geunho Lee},
      title = {KOMORAN},
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      howpublished = {\url{}}


  • PyKOMORAN is distributed with the Apache 2.0 license, same as KOMORAN. See LICENSE for more information.


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