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PyPaperBot is a Python tool for downloading scientific papers using Google Scholar, Crossref, and SciHub.

Project description



PyPaperBot is a Python tool for downloading scientific papers using Google Scholar, Crossref, and SciHub. The tool tries to download papers from different sources such as PDF provided by Scholar, Scholar related links, and Scihub. PyPaerbot is also able to download the bibtex of each paper.


  • Download papers given a query
  • Download papers given paper's DOIs
  • Download papers given a Google Scholar link
  • Generate Bibtex of the downloaded paper
  • Filter downloaded paper by year, journal and citations number


For normal Users

Use pip to install from pypi:

pip install PyPaperBot

If on windows you get an error saying error: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required.. try to install Microsoft C++ Build Tools or Visual Studio

For Termux users

Since numpy cannot be directly installed....

pkg install wget
pkg install numpy
export CFLAGS="-Wno-deprecated-declarations -Wno-unreachable-code"
pip install pandas


pip install PyPaperbot

How to use

PyPaperBot arguments:

Arguments Description Type
--query Query to make on Google Scholar or Google Scholar page link string
--doi DOI of the paper to download (this option uses only SciHub to download) string
--doi-file File .txt containing the list of paper's DOIs to download string
--scholar-pages Number or range of Google Scholar pages to inspect. Each page has a maximum of 10 papers string
--dwn-dir Directory path in which to save the result string
--min-year Minimal publication year of the paper to download int
--max-dwn-year Maximum number of papers to download sorted by year int
--max-dwn-cites Maximum number of papers to download sorted by number of citations int
--journal-filter CSV file path of the journal filter (More info on github) string
--restrict 0:Download only Bibtex - 1:Down load only papers PDF int
--scihub-mirror Mirror for downloading papers from sci-hub. If not set, it is selected automatically string
--scholar-results Number of scholar results to bedownloaded when --scholar-pages=1 int
--proxy Proxies to be used. Please specify the protocol to be used. string
-h Shows the help --


You can use only one of the arguments in the following groups

  • --query, --doi-file, and --doi
  • --max-dwn-year and and max-dwn-cites

One of the arguments --scholar-pages, --query , and --file is mandatory The arguments --scholar-pages is mandatory when using *--query * The argument --dwn-dir is mandatory

The argument --journal-filter require the path of a CSV containing a list of journal name paired with a boolean which indicates whether or not to consider that journal (0: don't consider /1: consider) Example

The argument --doi-file require the path of a txt file containing the list of paper's DOIs to download organized with one DOI per line Example

Use the --proxy argument at the end of all other arguments and specify the protocol to be used. See the examples to understand how to use the option.

SciHub access

If access to SciHub is blocked in your country, consider using a free VPN service like ProtonVPN Also, you can use proxy option above.


Download a maximum of 30 papers from the first 3 pages given a query and starting from 2018 using the mirror

python -m PyPaperBot --query="Machine learning" --scholar-pages=3  --min-year=2018 --dwn-dir="C:\User\example\papers" --scihub-mirror=""

Download papers from pages 4 to 7 (7th included) given a query:

python -m PyPaperBot --query="Machine learning" --scholar-pages=4-7 --dwn-dir="C:\User\example\papers"

Download a paper given the DOI:

python -m PyPaperBot --doi="10.0086/s41037-711-0132-1" --dwn-dir="C:\User\example\papers"`

Download papers given a file containing the DOIs:

python -m PyPaperBot --doi-file="C:\User\example\papers\file.txt" --dwn-dir="C:\User\example\papers"`

If it doesn't work, try to use py instead of python i.e.

py -m PyPaperBot --doi="10.0086/s41037-711-0132-1" --dwn-dir="C:\User\example\papers"`

Using a proxy

python -m PyPaperBot --query=rheumatoid+arthritis --scholar-pages=1 --scholar-results=7 --dwn-dir=/download --proxy

In termux, you can directly use PyPaperBot followed by arguments...


Feel free to contribute to this project by proposing any change, fix, and enhancement on the dev branch

To do

  • Tests
  • Code documentation
  • General improvements


This application is for educational purposes only. I do not take responsibility for what you choose to do with this application.


If you like this project, you can give me a cup of coffee :)


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