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Particles simulation toolbox in python, with some force model and integrations methods

Project description

PyParticles is an opensource particles simulation tool box entirely written in python.

It support the most popular integrations methods and the most relevant forces model. It also offer a nice looking OpneGL interface or at your preference a Matplotlib based GUI.

PyParticles as a forces models implements Gravity, spring, constant force and electrostatic and the user defined vector field force.

As a integrations method it includes Euler, Midpoint, Runge Kutta, Störmer Verlet and Leap frog.

With PyParticles you can freely combine every force model with all integration method in an easier as possible manner, for example you can change the integration method by switching a single line of code:

For example with this single line of code we can say to PyParticle to use the Runge Kutta method for simulating the model.

solver = rks.RungeKuttaSolver( grav , pset , dt )


Simulate a particle by particle model with the most popular integrations methods, and it represents the results on a OpenGL or Matplotlib plot.

PyParticle includes the followings integrations methods

  1. Euler

  2. Leap Frog

  3. Runge Kutta

  4. Midpoint

  5. Stormer Verlet

As a forces model it includes:

  1. Gravity

  2. Particle by Particle spring

  3. Constant

  4. User defined field

  5. Lennard Jones

PyParticle offers an easy to use class structure with a fully interchangeable integrations method or force model, it also implements the possibility to add some boundary model.

Try the build in demos:

pyparticles_app --demo springs
pyparticles_app --demo solar_system
pyparticles_app --demo bubble
pyparticles_app --demo cat_spri
pyparticles_app --demo gas_lj
pyparticles_app --demo elmag_field
pyparticles_app --demo fountain

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