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A shape detection module for Python

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PyShapes:A Shape detection module for Python

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PyShapes is a python package that allows to detect and extract the basic shapes(polygons and circles) present in an image. It also has some in-built attributes and functions to get basic information and perform basic operations on those shapes.

This module uses Python OpenCV as dependency


Installation is very simple through pip

For pip

pip install PyShapes

For pip3

pip3 install PyShapes


Importing the package

from PyShapes import *

Creating PyShape objects(Note : Object creation must be on PyShape class !)

shapes = PyShape("C:\\path\\to\\image")

Useful functions in PyShape -

  • Getting all the shapes detected in an image :

    shapes_dictionary = shapes.get_all_shapes()

    Gets all the shapes in the image and returns a dictionary !

  • Displaying the shapes detected by providing coloured boundaries to them in original image :


    Creates the coloured boundaries on top of the original image and displays the shape names along with the indexes

  • Getting the coordinates of the corners of a particular shape :

    numpy_array = shapes.get_corners("name of shape", index_of_shape)

    Returns the coordinates of the corners of the shape in form of a numpy array

    Returns None if there is no shape with that name/index

  • Getting the area of a particular shape :

    area_of_shape = shapes.get_area("name of shape", index_of_shape)

    Returns the area of a particular shape in pixel2 units; return type : double

    Returns -1 if there is no shape with that name/index

  • Finally, don't forget to close the running object !


    Closes the object and the binded dependencies


The source is in the file.

Created By Richeek. Copyright 2020

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