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PySimpleGUI designer, that uses transpiler to produce PySimpleGUI code from Qt Designer xml file.

Project description

PySimpleGUI Designer


How do I use PySimpleGUIDesigner WITH Qt Designer? Watch this video (by me):


            THIS PACKAGE         Requirements 
pip install PySimpleGUIDesigner  PySide2 click


Use GUI(by default):


Use CLI:

PySimpleGUIDesigner -xml "~/folder1/test.ui" -ob "somegroupBox"

Want to know parameters? Get help by:

PySimpleGUIDesigner --help
# Output:
Usage: [OPTIONS]

  -v, --verbose                   Verbose mode
  -xml, --xmlfile PATH            absolute or relative path to ui_file
  -ob, --objname TEXT             Object name of target container
  -nobadwidgets                   Forget about not-implemented(bad) widgets.
                                  Default - True

  -ic, --indent_char TEXT         Indent character. Default is " "
  -ia, --indent_char_amount INTEGER
                                  Indent amount
  -o, --outputfile PATH           Output file for PySimpleGUI code
  -pp_mouse                       Option - generate buttons events
  -pp_keys                        Option - generate all events
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

I want to use source code directly (from this repo code)

Ok(I don't know you need this), but here are the steps.

Let's imagine you say "I don't want pip install, I want to donwload this repo and run code. How can I do this?"

Solution 1:

# removing (if installed) PySimpleGUIDesigner:
pip uninstall -y PySimpleGUIDesigner

mkdir psgdesigner
cd psgdesigner
git clone
python3 -m PySimpleGUIDesigner
# NOTE for Windows users: replace "python3"   with   "python" OR "py"

# ALSO, output "help" by:
# $ python3 -m PySimpleGUIDesigner --help

Solution 2:

mkdir psgdesigner
cd psgdesigner
git clone
cd PySimpleGUIDesigner
python3 -m
# for Windows users: replace "python3"   with   "python" OR "py"

Examples (fun part)

Using as normal (easy):
python3 --xmlfile="~/folder1/test.ui" --objname="somegroupBox"
# a bit shorter command:
python3 -xml "~/folder1/test.ui" -ob "somegroupBox"

hot-reloader trick For Unix-like OS

I like to use watch command. This command will compile every 3 second and output to the screen:

watch -n 3 PySimpleGUIDesigner -xml "~/folder1/test.ui" -ob somegroupBox

also, there is an entr command (install by apt install entr), which works even better. It makes you command, when file is changed:

This command will compile file ~/folder1/test.ui, when you change it(like you hit ctrl+s to save layout in .ui file):

echo "~/folder1/test.ui" | entr -p -s 'PySimpleGUIDesigner -xml "~/folder1/test.ui" -ob somegroupBox'

If you are on Windows OS without bash, then PySimpleGUIDesigner has build-it hot-reloader! So, use it, if you need.

Redirect output

Use bash redirect (or -o option):

PySimpleGUIDesigner -xml untitled.ui -ob v1 >
PySimpleGUIDesigner -xml untitled.ui -ob v1 -o

More Examples:

#=================== Basics:
### using relative path:
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1"
python3 -xmlfile "examples_of_ui/untitled.ui" -objname="vv1"

### using absolute path:
python3 -xmlfile "/tmp/examples_of_ui/untitled.ui" -objname="text1"

#=================== Indent:
# ia = indent amount, ic = indent char
# indent 1:
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -ic " "
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -ic " " -ia 1 # the same effect, as command above
# indent 2:
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -ic " " -ia 2

### add boilerplate to output file
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -pp_mouse -ic " " -ia 2
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -pp_keys
python3 -xmlfile "untitled.ui" -objname="text1" -ic " " -ia 2 -pp_keys

Gogol, HELP me! I don't know what I'm doing!

Keep calm. I will try to help you.

Really do super easy thing - "Open Issue" in this repository:


  • [done] xml -> py
  • [interesting] psg code -> xml
  • add some picking templates for user
  • add some boilerplate's in output generated code
  • unit tests, pytest?

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