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A port of PySimpleGUI that runs in a web browser. Utilizes Remi as the GUI framework

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PySimpleGUI running in your web browser!

Your source code will work on tkinter, Qt, WxPython and now in a browser (thanks to Remi)

Check out, the new way to run your PySimpleGUI code in a browser!

Primary PySimpleGUI Documentation

To get instructions on how use PySimpleGUI's APIs, please reference the main documentation. This Readme is for information specific to the Web port of PySimpleGUI.

What is PySimpleGUIWeb?

PySimpleGUIWeb enables you to run your PySimpleGUI programs in your web browser. It utilizes a package called Remi to achieve this amazing package.

Engineering Pre-Release

Be aware you are running a "Pre-Rlease" version of PySimpleGUIWeb. This means sh*t doesn't work in many places. This also means that you get to have fun with the many things that DO work and that are being added to every week.

Announcements of Latest Developments

Having trouble? Visit the GitHub site and log an Issue.


Installation is quite simple:

pip install pysimpleguiweb

Should this not work, you can copy and paste the file into your application folder.

Using PySimpleGUIWeb

There are a lot of examples in the PySimpleGUI Cookbook as well as on the GitHub site. At the moment very few will work due to the limited number of features of the 0.1.0 release. It shouldn't be too long before they'll work.

To use PySimpleGUIWeb you need to import it: import PySimpleGUIWeb as sg

From there follow the code examples in the Cookbook and the Demo Programs. The only difference in those programs is the import statement. The remainder of the code should work without modification.


PySimpleGUIWeb is based on the Remi project. You will need to install Remi prior to running PySimpleGUIWeb:

pip install remi

You can learn more about Remi on its homepage.

PySimpleGUIWeb runs only on Python 3. Legacy Python (2.7) is not supported.

What Works

  • Text Element
  • Input Text Element
  • Button Element
  • Combobox Element
  • Checkbox Element
  • Listbox Element
  • Spinner Element (sorta... numbers 0 to 100 only now)
  • Column Element
  • Image Element
  • Multiline Input Element
  • Multiline Output Element
  • Output Element (redirect STDOUT)
  • Graph Element (your canvas to paint on)
  • Table Element (yes, tables! even if limited)
  • Window background color
  • Element padding
  • Read with timeout
  • Read with timeout = 0
  • Popup Windows
  • Multiple windows
  • Update methods for many of the elements (Text is 100% complete), others have some of their parameters working.

Running online using

This is something truly unique and amazing. You can run your PySimpleGUI code in a web browser on a computer, phone, tablet without having Python installed on that computer. Through the magic of and Remi you can run PySimpleGUI code anywhere you can run a browser. Not only that, but you can embed these programs into web pages. In fact, this markdown document has one of these programs embedded in it.

Here is where the iframe is inserted. You may not see the page in some instances (like on GitHub).

Here's your sample program:

<iframe height="400px" width="100%" src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allowtransparency="true" allowfullscreen="true" sandbox="allow-forms allow-pointer-lock allow-popups allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-modals"></iframe>

Release Notes:

0.1.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 22-Jan-2019

  • Initial release
  • Text Element
  • Input Text Element
  • Button Element
  • Window class

0.2.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 23-Jan-2019

Day 2 of development brings fonts, sizes, and colors...

  • For all elements (Text, Input Text, Button):
    • Font family
    • Font size
    • Text Color
    • Background Color
    • Disable
    • Size
  • Button Color
  • Read timeouts (zero, non-zero, None/pend)
  • Window close
  • Window background color

0.3.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 24-Jan-2019

  • Checkbox Element
  • Combobox Element
  • Listbox Element
  • Element padding for all elements

0.4.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 26-Jan-2019

Functioning Elements

  • Text
  • Single line text input
  • Multiline Input
  • Multiline Output
  • Listbox
  • Combobox
  • Checkbox
  • Slider
  • Spinner (numbers only...hardcoded to 0 to 100)

New features

  • Tooltips for all elements (so cool this works)
  • Input Text events
  • Text clicked event
  • Listbox selected event
  • Combobox selected event
  • Checkbox Update
  • Disable parameter for all elements
  • Window.Close shuts down the server
  • Enabled exceptions during packing operation
  • New test harness exercises all element types

0.5.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 1-Feb-2019

  • New default font size. Was Helvetica 10, now Helvetica 15
  • InputText Element single character events working! (Finally)
  • Listbox simple Update (values only)
  • Column Element! New!
  • Column element experimental justification setting doesn't work yet
  • Element background colors now picked up from container, not top level window
  • Autosize Text
  • Autosize Button Text

0.6.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 3-Feb-2019

  • Changed Remi port to 0 so will always get a new free port

0.7.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 3-Feb-2019

  • Completed InputText.Update method so that more demos can be run

0.8.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 8-Feb-2019

  • Popup support!
  • Support for multiple windows

0.9.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 14-Feb-2019

  • Support for Window.Hide, Window.UnHide (better multi-window support)

0.9.1 PySimpleGUIWeb

  • Emergency release due to some code to do scrolling of multiline not being right and sometimes crashed programs

0.10.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 16-Feb-2019

  • Completed Text.Update method. Can now change:
    • Text
    • Font family & size
    • Background color
    • Text Color
    • Visibility
  • Completed Button.Update with exception of images
  • Completed Spin.Update with except of range. This element still pretty crippled
  • Completed Slider.Update - Can update value, visibility, disabled, but not the range
  • Image Element!
  • Events for Image Element
  • Image.Update to change image

0.11.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 25-Feb-2019

  • Slider - Can update range using .Update method
  • NEW Window paramters that allow control over all Remi startup settings
  • New Window paramters and default values:
    • web_debug=False
    • web_ip=''
    • web_port=0
    • web_start_broswer=True
    • web_update_interval=.00001
  • Can set the Window backaground image (sorta works sometimes)
    • Struggling to get the "resources" settings understood so can work with files
    • I have a ways to go

0.12.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 28-Feb-2019

  • Combo.Update now fully functional

0.13.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 5-Mar-2019

  • Added new parameter to Window - web_multiple_instance
    • Like other Window web parameters, this value is passsed Remi upon start
    • The default value is TRUE (Previously I think default was False by Remi)
    • Was made as a result of comment on

0.15.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 5-Mar-2019

  • Made the multiple_instance parameter FALSE by default (was messing up badly with True)

0.16.0 13-Mar-2019

    • The bare minimum, basic tables are supported
    • Things like alternating colors are not done
    • Enabling Events DOES work so that you can get immediate clicks
    • Value returned is a list of 1ength 1 and contains the value of the cell that was clicked
  • Removed use of CloseButton from Popups

0.17.0 14-Mar-2019

  • More Table features supported
    • Option to display row numbers
    • New parameter row_header_text
    • Can turn on / off displaying row numbers
    • enable_events
    • text_color
    • Font
    • Can get the value of the item clicked using Table.SelectedItem. Can be coded as window.Element('table').SelectedItem

0.18.0 15-Mar-2019

  • Hotfix for bug that causes Popups / secondary windows to crash
  • Table gets starting_row_num parameter

0.19.0 23-Mar-2019 PySimpleGUIWeb

  • do_not_clear defaults to TRUE! for Input and Multiline Input/output
  • a few type hints

0.20.0 07-Apr-2019 PySimpleGUIWeb

  • Output Element WORKS!! Can re-route stdout to window
  • Added Idle function to Remi MyApp for stdout re-route (thanks Davide!!)
  • New Shortcuts:
    • I = InputText
    • B = Btn = Butt = Button
  • Removed temp size in Multiline setup
  • Button - convert button text passed in into a string
  • Added support for base64 Images in Image.Update but it's not working! Don't use!
  • Changed web_update_interval=.0000001 from 0 (YIKES I HOPE SOMETHING DIDN'T BREAK!)

0.21.0 10-Apr-2019 PySimpleGUIWeb

  • If disable_close parameter set in Window call, then Remi will not disconnect when browser closed. Great for reconnecting.

0.22.0 11-Apr-2019 PySimpleGUIWeb

  • NEW Window parameter layout so can skip calling Layout

0.23.0 21-Apr-2019 PySimpleGUIWeb

  • GRAPH ELEMENT almost done!
    • DrawLine
    • DrawRectangle
    • DrawPoint
    • DrawCicle
    • DrawText
    • Erase
    • Move
    • MoveFigure (by a delta amount)
    • RelocateFigure (draw to a new spot)
    • Update - for background color change
    • Enable events works for single clicks (no drags yet)
  • Changed Image element to use SuperImage class
    • Image element works better?
    • Base64 not yet working

0.23.1 21-Apr-2019

One-time patch to remove a debug print

0.24.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 23-Apr-2019

  • Enabled SuperImage class to accept base64 imagees
  • Now use an SvgGroup to hold all of the drawing items
  • Circle can now set outline color
  • DrawImage still isn't working
  • Move isn't working
  • Added Relocate for group
  • Lazy buttons - Up, Down, Left, Right(()
    • Creates buttons with arrows on them as text
  • Base64 support for Image Element

0.25.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 25-Apr-19

  • DrawImage method WORKS! DrawImage now takes BOTH filenames and base64 variables
  • Fix for DrawRectangle (wasn't passing the right parms)

0.26.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 1-May-2019

  • Combo - converts values into a list of strings
  • Image.Update is working with both filename and base64 (but no size controls yet)
  • Window - new parameter - return_key_down_events. Normally it's key up events that are returned from Read calls
  • Returning keyboard input works!
  • Turned off Remi Logging completely (may be a bad idea. can change it back)
  • Rearranged code so that same code is used for first window and following windows
  • Window disable_close parameter controls wether or not server keeps running after user disconnects

0.27.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 8-May-2019

  • Changed default icon from string to bytes
  • New Text Update to match newer call parameters
  • Added image_subsample, image_size parms to be backward compat. Note - not enabled
  • SuperImage changes - load both base64 images and files
  • Fix for DrawRectangle
  • Added data parm to DrawImage
  • Added DeleteFigure
  • Tab Support
    • Just barely beginning
    • May or may not work
  • Window new class variable - AllKeysDict
    • Contains dictionary of all elements and keys
    • Now used by FindElement / Element calls for quick lookup
  • Fix for Column elements and rows that didn't line up. Changed tk_row_frame style
  • Graph Element
    • enable_events works
    • drag events works
    • click events works

0.28.1 PySimpleGUIWeb 15-May-2019

  • Menus
    • Yes, the full Menu Bar across the top of the window!
    • PLUS, you get more controls to set the colors and fonts
    • Works with menu keys too
    • Disabled items are not working however
    • Correctly returns menu events
  • Listbox
    • Correctly handling Update calls that change the list
    • Correctly returns a LIST of items (even if only 1)
  • Button Graphics!
    • Can specify either a filename or image data as the source
    • Update parameters image_data and image_filename work!
  • Fix in DrawLine. Wasn't returning the id
  • DrawRectangle fixes - transparent fill color is default. Correctly draws coordinates now
  • DrawImage seems to work with both data and files
  • enable_events parameter for TabGroups
  • Frame Element
    • Behaves like a Column element for now since no official Remi Frame
  • Fix for popups that get data - New dictionary return values messed up popups. Needed to use keys internally

0.31.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 04-Nov-2019

  • PEP8 bindings!
  • Window - NEW way of finding elements
    • Use window[key] instead of window.FindElement(key)!!
  • Winow - "calling" an existing window object will call its read method
  • Version number added both dunder version and version work
  • Renamed some variables to be private by adding _ to the front
  • METADATA added to all elements and Window
  • Ability to "call" an element. The effect is to call that element's update method
  • Removed all delete functions in the classes. Were poorly done and not consistent
  • Output element - fix for color defaults, CurrentValue contains all of the text currently shown
  • Image Element
    • Rewrite done by Remi team!!!
    • Fixes flicker when using with OpenCV
  • Removed quite a bit of unused code
  • Added prints where items are not yet implemented
  • Window - finalize parameter added
  • Get screen dimensions always returns (0,0) for now until can figure it out
  • Made return values computation easier
  • Two new look and feel color settings - Material1, Material2

0.32.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 08-Nov-2019

  • Fix for Output Element scrolling. Now cursor stays at end
  • Fix for Multiline Output scrolling. Appends correctly and autoscrolls if enabled

0.33.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 17-Nov-2019

  • Added autoscroll parameter to the MultilineOutput.update method
  • TONS of new Look and Feel Themes
  • Fuzzy name matcher for change_loo_and_feel call - string doesn't have to perfectly match now
  • New preview_all_look_and_feel_themes function displays all of the colors for the Themes

0.34.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 24-Dec-2019

Themes +

  • New theme apis that replace the change_look_and_feel call (see primary PySimpleGUI port for more info)
  • New default theme is Dark Blue 3
  • Added ported string so can tell this is the "PySimpleGUIWeb" port
  • Removed platform specific code that was barring Macs from using colors, even for the web
  • Changed "TRANSPARENT_BUTTON" string to invalidate it. It was misunderstood and should not bave been inlucded in anything
  • Ability to change the files delimeter for browse files to filenames can have ; in them

0.35.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 16-Jan-2020

  • Fixed Slider crash caused by latest Remi releaese
  • Brought over latest Theme code from PySimpleGUI-tk (text background color, changed all black and white refs to hex)
  • New Graph.change_coordinates method
  • Removed check for no image specified in Image.update (so cal specify visibilty without changing image for example)

0.36.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 20-Feb-2020

  • Allow empty value to be specified when creating Image element
  • Fix for Text element crashing following the Remi 2020.2.5 release
    • Crash will show trying to use method "set_layout_orientation"

0.37.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 14-Apr-2020

Catching up to latest Remi releases.

    • This may cause some of your problems. Sorry about this, but it's the right thing to do so that prints work correctly
  • Multiline.print capability
  • MultilineOutput.print capability
  • Fix for MultilineOutput not autoscrolling
  • Fix for image update flicker
  • Printing sep char fixed
  • Fix for extra Tab
  • Replaced SvgGroup with SvgSubcontainer (Requires Remi 2020.3.10)
  • BIG Thank You owed to Remi creator Davide (for this and many other releases too)

0.38.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 6-May-2020

  • Added constants

0.39.0 PySimpleGUIWeb 6-Jun-2020

Element justification within Window and Containers! Finally a unified justification

  • Frame support, but without any labels yet.... only makes a frame... hey, it's a start
  • element_jutification added so that all elements inside these will be justified accordingly.
    • For PySimpleGUIQt only, the default is "float" which sets nothing. Buttons will stretch across the window as result
    • Valid values are 'l', 'r', 'c'. You can spell it out, but only first letter is used.
    • Window
    • Frame
    • Column
    • Tab
  • New main() that shows Remi version and more info



Mike B.


GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL 3) +


This could not be possible without the Remi project! Thank you Remi!!!!

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