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WebDAV library including a standalone server for python

Project description

WebDAV library for python.

Consists of a server that is ready to run Serve and the DAV package that provides WebDAV server(!) functionality.

Currently supports

  • WebDAV level 1

  • Level 2 (LOCK, UNLOCK)

  • Experimental iterator support

It plays nice with

  • Mac OS X Finder

  • Windows Explorer

  • iCal

  • cadaver

  • Nautilus

This package does not provide client functionality.


After installation of this package you will have a new script in you $PYTHON/bin directory called davserver. This serves as the main entry point to the server.


Example (using easy_install):

easy_install PyWebDAV
davserver -D /tmp -n

Example (unpacking file locally):

tar xvzf PyWebDAV-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd pywebdav
python develop
davserver -D /tmp -n

For more information:


0.9.8 (March 25 2011)

Restructured. Moved DAV package to pywebdav.lib. All integrators must simply replace ‘’from DAV’’ imports to ‘’from pywebdav.lib’’. [Simon Pamies]

Remove BufferingHTTPServer, reuse the header parser of BaseHTTPServer. [Cédric Krier]

Fix issue 44: Incomplete PROPFIND response [Sascha Silbe]

0.9.4 (April 15 2010)

Add somme configuration setting variable to enable/disable iterator and chunk support [Stephane Klein]

Removed os.system calls thus fixing issue 32 [Simon Pamies]

Fixed issue 14 [Simon Pamies]

Removed module - replaced with mimetypes module [Simon Pamies]

Print User-Agent information in log request. [Stephane Klein]

Fix issue 13 : return http 1.0 compatible response (not chunked) when request http version is 1.0 [cliff.wells]

Enhance logging mechanism [Stephane Klein]

Fix issue 15 : I’ve error when I execute PUT action with Apple Finder client [Stephane Klein]

Fix issue 14 : config.ini boolean parameter reading issue [Stephane Klein]

0.9.3 (July 2 2009)

Setting WebDAV v2 as default because LOCK and UNLOCK seem to be stable by now. -J parameter is ignored and will go away. [Simon Pamies]

Fix for PROPFIND to return all properties [Cedric Krier]

Fixed do_PUT initialisation [Cedric Krier]

Added REPORT support [Cedric Krier]

Added support for gzip encoding [Cedric Krier]

Fix for wrong –port option [Martin Wendt]

Handle paths correctly for Windows related env [Martin Wendt]

Included mimetype check for files based on from Jason Petrone. Included into this package. All code (c) 2000 Jason Petrone. Included from [Joerg Friedrich, Simon Pamies]

Status check not working when server is running [Joerg Friedrich]

Fixed wrong time formatting for Last-Modified and creationdate (must follow RFC 822 and 3339) [Cedric Krier]

0.9.2 (May 11 2009)

Fixed COPY, MOVE, DELETE to support locked resources [Simon Pamies]

Fixed PROPFIND to return 404 for non existing objects and also reduce property bloat [Simon Pamies]

Implemented fully working LOCK and UNLOCK based on in memory lock/token database. Now fully supports cadaver and Mac OS X Finder. [Simon Pamies]

Fixed MKCOL answer to 201 [Jesus Cea]

Fixed MSIE webdav headers [Jesus Cea]

Make propfind respect the depth from queries [Cedric Krier]

Add ETag in the header of GET. This is needed to implement GroupDAV, CardDAV and CalDAV. [Cedric Krier]

Handle the “Expect 100-continue” header [Cedric Krier]

Remove debug statements and remove logging [Cedric Krier]

Use the Host header in baseuri if set. [Cedric Krier]

Adding If-Match on PUT and DELETE [Cedric Krier]

0.9.1 (May 4th 2009)

Restructured the structure a bit: Made server package a real python package. Adapted error messages. Prepared egg distribution. [Simon Pamies]

Fix for time formatting bug. Thanks to Ian Kallen [Simon Pamies]

Small fixes for WebDavServer (status not handled correctly) and propfind (children are returned from a PROPFIND with “Depth: 0”) [Kjetil Irbekk]

0.8 (Jul 15th 2008)

First try of an implementation of the LOCK and UNLOCK features. Still very incomplete (read: very incomplete) and not working in this version. [Simon Pamies]

Some code cleanups to prepare restructuring [Simon Pamies]

Port to minidom because PyXML isn’t longer maintained [Martin v. Loewis] Makes use of DOMImplementation class to create a new xml document Uses dom namespace features to create elements within DAV: namespace [Stephane Bonhomme] Missing an indent in loop on remove and copy operations on trees, the effect was that only the last object was removed/copied : always leads to a failure when copying collections. [Stephane Bonhomme] missing a return at the end of the createResponse method (case of a propfind without xml body, should act as a allprops). [Stephane Bonhomme]


Added MySQL auth support brought by Vince Spicer Added INI file support also introduced by Vince Some minor bugfixes and integration changes. Added instance counter to make multiple instances possible Extended –help text a bit [Simon Pamies]


Added bugfixes for buggy Mac OS X Finder implementation Finder tries to stat .DS_Store without checking if it exists Cleaned up readme and install files Moved license to extra file Added distutils support Refactored module layout Refactored class and module names Added commandline support Added daemonize support Added logging facilities Added extended arguments

some more things I can’t remember [Simon Pamies]

Changes since 0.5.1

Updated to work with latest 4Suite

Changes since 0.5

added must now return COLLECTION or OBJECT when getting asked for resourcetype. will automatically generate the right xml element. <href> now only contains the path changed HTTP/1.0 header to HTTP/1.1 which makes it work with WebFolders added DO_AUTH constant to to control whether authentication should be done or not. added chunked responses in One step in order to get a server with keep-alive one day. we now use 4DOM instead if PyDOM the URI in a href is quoted complete rewrite of the PROPFIND stuff: error responses are now generated when a property if not found or not accessible namespace handling is now better. We forget any prefix and create them ourselves later in the response. added superclass in DAV/ in order to make implementing interface classes easier. See for how to use it. Also note that the way handles things might have changed from the previous release (if you don’t like it wait for 1.0!) added functions to which format creationdate and lastmodified implemented HEAD

lots of bugfixes

Changes since 0.3

removed hard coded base uri from and replaced by a reference to the dataclass. Added this to where you have to define it in your subclass. added which contains utility functions for copy and move reimplemented DELETE and removed dependencies to pydom. move actual delete method to davcmd. implemented COPY implemented MOVE fixed bugs in, needs revisiting anyway.. URIs are now unquoted in before being used paths in are quoted in system calls in order to support blanks in pathnames (e.g. mkdir ‘%s’ ) switched to exceptions when catching errors from the interface class added exists() method to added more uri utility functions to millenium bugfixes ;-)

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