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REST API calls made easier

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REST API calls made easier

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pip install resteasy

Usage and examples


from resteasy import RESTEasy, json

api = RESTEasy(base_url='',
               auth=('user', '****'),
               verify=False, cert=None, timeout=None,
               encoder=json.dumps, decoder=json.loads, debug=False)

# optional timeout
api.timeout = 60

Example 1: GitHub Jobs

api =  RESTEasy(base_url='')

positions = api.route('positions.json')

positions.get(description='python', full_time=1)
# or'GET', {'description': 'python', 'full_time': 1})


Example 2: All methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE

from resteasy import RESTEasy

api = RESTEasy(base_url='')

posts = api.route('posts')

### GET (fetch resources)

### POST (create a resource)'foo', body='bar', userId=1)

### PUT & PATCH (update a resource)
posts.route(1).put(id=1, title='foo', body='bar', userId=1)

### DELETE (delete a resource)

Example 3: Chuck Norris jokes

from __future__ import print_function
from resteasy import RESTEasy

api = RESTEasy(base_url='')

### Print a random joke
jokes = api.route('jokes')
random = jokes.route('random')


### Get all categories
categories = jokes.route('categories').get()


### Print a random joke from each category
for category in categories:
    random_joke = random.get(category=category)
    print(category, ':', random_joke['value'])

    # GET<category>

Example 4: Using custom decoder: Parsing MyAnimeList HTML content

from resteasy import RESTEasy
from html.parser import HTMLParser

class MyHTMLParser(HTMLParser):
    '''Custom HTML parser'''

    def handle_starttag(self, tag, attrs):
        '''Overriding abstract method'''
        if tag == 'title' and not self.found:
            self.found = True

    def handle_data(self, data):
        '''Overriding abstract method'''
        if self.found and self.anime is None:
            self.anime = data

    def parse(self, content):
        '''Parse content and return object'''
        self.found = False
        self.anime = None
        title = self.anime.strip().replace(' -', '') if self.found else None
        return dict(title=title)

parser = MyHTMLParser()

api = RESTEasy(base_url='', decoder=parser.parse)

### One way

### Another way
api.route('anime', 1).get()

### Yet another way

### This is the last way I swear



To enable debugging just pass or set debug=True

api.debug = True

Once debugging is set to 'True', Every HTTP call will return debug information instead of doing the actual request

>>> posts.debug = True
>>> posts.get(userId=1)
{'endpoint': '',
 'kwargs': {'userId': 1},
 'method': 'GET',
 'session': <requests.sessions.Session at 0x7f1e8c8bfeb8>}


  • As this package uses requests module to perform HTTP calls, most exceptions will be raised by requests module itself.

  • In case API server returns HTTP status code outside the range of 200-299, It will raise resteasy.HTTPError

  • In case the returned content by API server is not parsable, It will raise resteasy.InvalidResponseError

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