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Automatically download trending wallpapers from subreddits of your choice.

Project description

# RedditWallpaperChooser

RedditWallpaperChooser will download the trending wallpapers of the day from any subreddit of your choice.

## Features

  • Choose the subreddits you like.
  • Filter by aspect ratio and image size.

## Requirements

We make use of Python’s 3 asynchronous APIs and async/await syntax. For this reason, we only support Python versions ≥ 3.5.

Additional requirements are listed in the requirements.txt file.

## Installation & Usage

Until RedditWallpaperChooser will land on PyPi you can install it as follows:

`bash $ git clone $ cd RedditWallpaperChooser $ pip install . .[extras]  # --user could also help you `

You’ll find reddit-wallpaper-chooser in your PATH. You can now start collecting wallpapers.

`bash $ reddit-wallpaper-chooser `

The absolute path of one of the downloaded wallpapers will be printed out to standard output.

### macOS

As a bonus, on macOS, you can set the wallpaper to the one just downloaded for you: `bash $ wall=$(reddit-wallpaper-chooser 2> /dev/null) && osascript -e "tell application \"Finder\" to set desktop picture to POSIX file \"$wall\"" `

_Note_: due to a limitation of the macOS APIs, it will only change the wallpaper of the currently selected space.

## Configuration

You can configure RedditWallpaperChooser by providing a ini configuration file. In it, you can specify the following general options:

  • the subreddits to parse (subreddits)
  • the number of results per subreddit (result_limit)
  • the output directory (output_folder)
  • the subreddit sorting (sorting)
  • a time parameter for ‘top’/’controversial’ sorting (time)

Additionally, you can also filter the candidate wallpapers to be selected and returned at the end of the download process:

  • by aspect ratio (aspect_ratio)
  • by minimum size (size)

Until better documentation will be developed please refer to the default configuration options as a working example; You can dump it as follows:

`bash $ reddit-wallpaper-chooser -d config.ini `

You can then use your configuration with:

`bash $ reddit-wallpaper-chooser -c config.ini `

## Future improvements

  • Filter wallpapers by color.
  • Avoid choosing again the same images.
  • Add a proper test suite.

Project details

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