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Checks pip requirements against installed versions, and other related tools.

Project description

  • Checks requirements.txt against installed packages, or latest versions available on PyPi.
  • Shows latest package information from PyPi (for requirements.txt or any package).
  • Searches requirements.txt for text/regex patterns.
  • Sorts requirements.txt lines in place.
  • Finds duplicate entries in requirements.txt.


This tool is installable with pip:

pip install requirementz

The command is called requirementz.


Requirementz has several python dependencies, all installable with pip. A requirements.txt is provided, for easy installation.

If you’ve cloned the repo, you can run pip install -r requirements.txt to install all of them. Otherwise, pip install requirementz should install all dependencies for you.


    requirementz (-h | -v) [-D] [-n]
    requirementz [-c | -C] [-e] [-L | -r] [-f file] [-D] [-n]
    requirementz [-a line... | -d]        [-f file] [-D] [-n]
    requirementz -l [-L | -r]             [-f file] [-D] [-n]
    requirementz (-P | -S)                [-f file] [-D] [-n]
    requirementz -p [-L]                            [-D] [-n]
    requirementz -s pat [-i]              [-f file] [-D] [-n]
    requirementz PACKAGE...                         [-D] [-n]

    PACKAGE              : Show pypi info for package names.
    -a line,--add line   : Add a requirement line to the file.
                           The -a flag can be used multiple times.
    -C,--checklatest     : Check installed packages and latest versions
                           from PyPi against requirements.
    -c,--check           : Check installed packages against requirements.
    -D,--debug           : Print some debug info while running.
    -d,--duplicates      : List any duplicate entries.
    -e,--errors          : Only show packages with errors when checking.
    -f file,--file file  : Requirements file to parse.
                           Default: ./requirements.txt
    -h,--help            : Show this help message.
    -i,--ignorecase      : Case insensitive when searching.
    -L,--location        : When listing, sort by location instead of name.
                           When checking, show the package location.
    -l,--list            : List all requirements.
    -n,--nocolor         : Force plain text, with no color codes.
    -P,--pypi            : Show pypi info for all packages in
    -p,--packages        : List all installed packages.
    -r,--requirement     : Print name and version requirement only for -c.
                           Useful for use with -e, to get a list of
                           packages to install or upgrade.
    -S,--sort            : Sort the requirements file by package name.
    -s pat,--search pat  : Search requirements for text/regex pattern.
    -v,--version         : Show version.


Check (installed packages)

Check requirements.txt against installed package versions.


Here you can see that the colr >= 0.7.6 requirement was not satisfied, because 0.7.5 is installed:



Show package location while checking:

requirementz -L


Check (latest pypi version)

Check requirements.txt against installed package versions, and the latest pypi version.

requirementz -C


Show package location while checking:

requirementz -C -L


Show pypi info for packages.

-P will show pypi information for all packages in requirements.txt:

requirementz -P


You can do this for any package, whether it’s installed or not:

requirementz antigravity


You can use more than one package name.

Find duplicate requirements

Any duplicate entries will be listed by name, with a count of duplicates.

requirementz -d


This hasn’t been tested very well with CVS or local requirements. Any help in that area would be appreciated, as I haven’t had to use those requirement types.


File an issue or create a pull request. Contributions are welcome.

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