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Generates SNMPv3 hashes as described in rfc3414 suitable for use with ESXi and other SNMP daemons

Project description

A script to generate SNMPv3 keys as detailed by rfc3414 (passphrases expanded with a kdf, then hashed with the engine id). All key generation is done using the new cryptographically secure secrets library.

As I wrote this with ESXi in mind, it also emits a string suitable for configuring the SNMP daemon via esxcli/PowerCLI, but the hashes are standard and compatible with other SNMPv3 implementations.

With no arguments, it will generate an authentication and privacy passphrase with associated random engine ID in text form. --json will format the output as json.

The script is fully idempotent; if you take the parameters it generates randomly and re-enter them, you will get the same output a second time.


Runtime: Python 3.6 or greater.

Sample Output


User: observium
Auth: gaYA82XVtNaf3WLwRgoIs544ghP6f80S / f78359764ca382922fa382cf884e588031de575a
Priv: H5XEtRpxXVaGzXU5i2rFwPnYGr8SEzTp / 31a001a56a225fdfc1916bd60190405a1aa22ff0
Engine: 7ae1b0ff0aa2f3950566d3de2274d05a
ESXi USM String: observium/f78359764ca382922fa382cf884e588031de575a/31a001a56a225fdfc1916bd60190405a1aa22ff0/authpriv


  "user": "observium",
  "engine": "b2a50167b7c8512ddfc9d5765a3490af",
  "phrases": {
    "auth": "71rOhjfj6QVSy2mw5tBo7PueZ8KWSv60",
    "priv": "xwsvzht8NEcuwAlEpUKzMxKFWeH72sK9"
  "hashes": {
    "auth": "fa0d5249293404502f9953b9514d0636a96c2cbc",
    "priv": "cccbdcfa603817df340514ecc22dfae8c4c412e8"
  "esxi": "observium/fa0d5249293404502f9953b9514d0636a96c2cbc/cccbdcfa603817df340514ecc22dfae8c4c412e8/authpriv"}

If a YAML or TOML library is installed, you also use the --yaml and --toml arguments respectively.

It should go without saying, but DO NOT use the engine id or passphrases in the samples.


usage: snmpv3-hashgen [-h] [--auth AUTH] [--priv PRIV] [--engine ENGINE] [--user USER] [--mode {auth,priv,none}] [--hash {md5,sha1,sha224,sha256,sha384,sha512}] [--json | --yaml | --toml]

Convert an SNMPv3 auth or priv passphrase to hashes.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --auth AUTH           Authentication passphrase to be derived as utf8 string
  --priv PRIV           Privacy passphrase to be derived as utf8 string
  --engine ENGINE       Engine ID as hex string
  --user USER           SNMPv3 USM username (default "librenms")
  --mode {auth,priv,none}
                        SNMPv3 mode (default "priv")
  --hash {md5,sha1,sha224,sha256,sha384,sha512}
                        Hash algorithm to use (default "sha1")
  --json                Emit output as json
  --yaml                Emit output as yaml
  --toml                Emit output as toml

RFC 7630 defines no test data for sha[2-9]{3} - these should be considered experimental.
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