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SRT(Super Rapid Train) wrapper for python

Project description


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SRT(Super Rapid Train) application python wrapper

This project was inspired from korail2 of carpedm20.


  • Python >= 3.6


pip install SRTrain


1. Login

>>> from SRT import SRT

>>> srt = SRT("1234567890", YOUR_PASSWORD) # with membership number
>>> srt = SRT("", YOUR_PASSWORD) # with email
>>> srt = SRT("010-1234-xxxx", YOUR_PASSWORD) # with phone number

use verbose option to see some debugging messages

srt = SRT("010-1234-xxxx", YOUR_PASSWORD, verbose=True)

2. Searching trains

use search_train method.

  • dep : A departure station in Korean ex) '수서'
  • arr : A arrival station in Korean ex) '부산'
  • date : (optional) (default: today) A departure date in yyyyMMdd format
  • time : (optional) (default: 000000) A departure time in hhmmss format
  • available_only: (optional) (default: True) return trains with available seats only
>>> dep = '수서'
>>> arr = '부산'
>>> date = '20190913'
>>> time = '144000'
>>> trains = srt.search_train(dep, arr, date, time)
>>> trains
# [[SRT] 09월 30일, 수서~부산(15:00~17:34) 특실 예약가능, 일반실 예약가능,
# [SRT] 09월 30일, 수서~부산(15:30~18:06) 특실 예약가능, 일반실 예약가능,
# [SRT] 09월 30일, 수서~부산(16:00~18:24) 특실 매진, 일반실 예약가능,
# [SRT] 09월 30일, 수서~부산(16:25~18:45) 특실 예약가능, 일반실 예약가능, ...]

3. Making a reservation

use reserve method.

  • train : SRTTrain object returned by search_train()
  • passengers : (optional) (default: None)
  • special_seat : (optional) (default: False) True = 특실, False = 일반실 or 특실
  • window_seat : (optional) (default: None) None = 창측 or 내측, True = 창측, False = 내측
>>> trains = srt.search_train(dep, arr, date, time)
>>> reservation = srt.reserve(trains[0])
>>> reservation
# [SRT] 09월 30일, 수서~부산(15:30~18:06) 130700원(3석), 구입기한 09월 20일 23:38

>>> from SRT.passenger import Adult, Child
>>> srt.reserve(trains[1], passengers=[Adult(), Adult(), Child()])

Passenger class

WARNING: 충분히 테스트되지 않음

Highly inspired by @dotaitch's Passenger class

  • Adult
  • Child
  • Senior
  • Disability1To3
  • Disability4To6

4. Getting reserved tickets

Use get_reservations() method.

>>> reservations = srt.get_reservations()
>>> reservations
# [[SRT] 09월 30일, 수서~부산(15:30~18:06) 130700원(3석), 구입기한 09월 19일 19:11]

>>> reservations[0].tickets
# [18호차 9C (일반실) 어른/청소년 [52300원(600원 할인)],
# 18호차 10C (일반실) 어른/청소년 [52300원(600원 할인)],
# 18호차 10D (일반실) 장애 4~6급 [26100원(26800원 할인)]]

5. Canceling reservation

Use cancel method.

  • reservation: SRTreservation object returned by reserve() or returned by get_reservations()
>>> reservation = srt.reserve(train)
>>> srt.cancel(reservation)

>>> reservations = srt.get_reservations()
>>> srt.cancel(reservations[0])


  • 0.1.3 (2019/02/15): search_train() 에서 매진되지 않은 좌석만 리턴하는 옵션을 디폴트로 추가
  • 0.1.5 (2019/02/15): 매진 확인 오류 수정
  • 1.0.0 (2019/09/13): SRT 앱 NEO 업데이트에 맞추어 API 전체 완전 수정 (#1)
  • 1.0.2 (2019/12/24): 기본 테스트 추가, CI 도구 CircleCI에서 Github Actions로 교체
  • 2.0.0 (2021/01/22): 업데이트된 SRT API URL 반영, 테스트 추가

How to test


# For Windows

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt

pytest SRT -v -x

# For full test
# Warning: 아래 테스트에는 실제로 표를 예약/취소하는 테스트가 포함되어 있습니다
pytest SRT -v -x --full

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