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Search & Sorting algorithms

Project description

Search and Sort Modules

Different Search and Sort algorithms are implemented.

For now the functionality is really basic but it should evolve to a collection of several methods for searching elements and / or sorting sequences.


Available Sorting algorithms:
  1. Bubble Sort
  2. Quick Sort
  3. Shell Sort
Available Searching algorithms:

(returns index or False if element not found)

  1. Binary Search
  2. Hashmap
  3. Linear Search
Extra features:

Creating a random array.

  • first parameter: length of array
  • second parameter: range of numbers

Be aware that a tuple is returned, containing the array and a random chosen number of this array.

    from SeaSor import SeaSor
    SeaSor().get_int_array(length, range)

1.1) also available for ascii array:

    from SeaSor import SeaSor
    SeaSor().get_ascii_array(length, charset)
  1. Remove duplicates
    from SeaSor import Search
    # For example you want to remove duplicates
    #    before searching the index:
    # Output: [1,2,3]
  1. Write to (and/or Read) file


How to import
  1. find index number of a element in a list (here the binary search method is applied)
    from SeaSor import SeaSor
    get_index = SeaSor.Search().bin_index(array, target)

Create an instance


    from SeaSor import Sort

    x = Sort
    # Possible to set parameters for the object
    # Also possible: Sort().quick([2,3,1])
    # Or:            Sort([2,3,1]).quick()
    x.array = [2,3,1]

    # Output: [1,2,3]

Available classes
    from SeaSor import SeaSor
    from SeaSor import Sort
    from SeaSor import Search
    from SeaSor import WriteRead
For more informations and instructions visit:

SeaSor Github Repository

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