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Carrom tournaments management

Project description


Lele Gaifax <>



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This project contains some tools that make it easier the organization of a championship of Carrom tournaments using either a variant of the Swiss system, the Knockout system or even everyone against everyone events.

The main component is a Pyramid application serving two distinct user interfaces:

  1. A very light, HTML only, read only view of the whole database, where you can actually browse thru the clubs, championships, tourneys, players and ratings. You can see it in action on the public SoL instance at

  2. A complete ExtJS based desktop-like application, that exposes all the functionalities described below in an easy to manage interface.


These are the key points:

  1. Multilingual application

    Scarry spoke only Italian, because the i18n mechanism in Delphi (and in general under Windows) sucks. Most of the code was written and commented in Italian too, and that made it very difficult to get foreign contributions.

  2. Multiuser

    There is a super user (named “admin” by default) that can do everything, in particular create other normal users, who can then log in and manage her own tournaments, but can’t change information owned by other users.

    SoL 4 also implements an optional self registration procedure.

  3. Real database

    Scarry used Paradox tables, but we are in the third millennium, now: SoL uses a real, even if simple and light, SQL database under its skin.

  4. Easy to use

    The application is usually driven by computer-illiterated guys, so little to no surprises.

  5. Easy to deploy

    Gods know how many hours went in building f*cking installers with BDE goodies!

  6. Bring back the fun

    Programming in Python is just that, since the beginning!

High level description

The application implements the following features:

  • basic tables editing, like adding a new player, opening a new championship, manually tweaking the scores, and so on;

  • handle a single tourney

    1. compose a list of competitors: usually this is just a single player, but there are two people in doubles, or more (teams)

    2. set up the first round, made up of matches, each pairing two distinct competitors: if the tournament is associated with a rating this considers the Glicko2 rate of each player, otherwise uses a random pairing; either way, the tournament secretary is able to manually change the combinations

    3. print the game sheets, where the player will write the scores

    4. possibly show a countdown, to alert the end of the game

    5. insert the score of each match

    6. compute the new ranking

    7. print the current ranking

    8. possibly offer a way to withdraw some competitors, or to add a new competitor

    9. compute the next round

    10. repeat steps c. thru i. usually up to seven rounds

    11. possibly offer a way to go back, delete last round, correct a score and repeat

    12. if required, play up to three final rounds between the first two competitors

    13. recompute the ranking, assigning prizes

    14. update the rating the tournament is associated to

  • handle a championship of tourneys

    • each tourney is associated to one championship

    • print the championship ranking

  • data exchange, to import/export whole tourneys in a portable way

Installation and Setup

The very first requirement to install an instance of SoL on your own machine is getting Python 3.6 or better[1]. This step obviously depends on the operating system you are using: on most GNU/Linux distributions it is already available[2], for example on Debian and derivatives like Ubuntu the following command will do the task:

$ apt-get install python3

If instead you are using M$-Windows, you should select the right installer from the downloads page on

Another recommended, although optional, add-on is the DejaVu fonts set, to support a rather wide range of glyphs when producing the PDFs printouts. As usual, on GNU/Linux it’s a matter of executing the following command

$ apt-get install fonts-dejavu

or equivalent for your distribution, while on M$-Windows you need to download them and extract the archive in the right location which usually is C:\Windows\Fonts.

The good old way

  1. Install SoL using pip:

    pip install SoL

    that will download the latest version of SoL from PyPI and all its dependencies as well

  2. Install ExtJS 4.2.1:

    python3 -m metapensiero.extjs.desktop
  3. Create a standard config file:

    soladmin create-config config.ini

    and edit it as appropriate; you can also directly specify the name and the password of the super user (by default the name is admin and the password will be asked interactively):

    soladmin create-config --admin differentone --password str4nge
  4. Setup the database:

    soladmin initialize-db config.ini
  5. Load official data:

    soladmin restore config.ini
  6. Run the application server:

    pserve config.ini
  7. Enjoy!

    firefox http://localhost:6996/

    or, for poor Window$ users or just because using Python makes you happier:

    python -m webbrowser http://localhost:6996/

Pre-built Docker image

Another option, if you have a 64bit computer, is to run the pre-built Docker image.


First of all, you must enable the hardware virtualization in the BIOS of your computer.

Then you can proceed to install the Docker Engine for your particular operating system (that is, GNU/Linux, Windows or Mac OS X).

After you have tested the install in the Docker Quickstart terminal (for example as depicted here), run the following command in the same window:

docker run -d -p 80:6996 --name sol amarsanakal/solista

This will start the software and is now accessible on port 80. You can access it as http://<ip-address>.

The <ip-address> is the ip address of the docker machine running on your PC. This would have been displayed to you when you launched the Docker Quickstart terminal. You can check it anytime by running:

docker-machine ls

the ip address is shown under the URL column. Use that without the port number shown there. See for more details.

Developer’s playground

If you are a developer and want to play with Docker, you can checkout SoL sources and

  • build an image with make docker-build

  • change the admin credentials with make docker-change-admin

  • start SoL within a Docker container with make docker-start, then visit http://localhost:6996/ as usual

See Makefile.docker for other related targets.


  1. Provide some Unix shell scripts and Windows batch files to make the end users happier

  2. Complete this section

  3. Figure out how to build a new image on whenever a new SoL release happens


Since version 4 the development has been moved to GitLab: the previous repository on Bitbucket is now just a mirror, automatically kept in sync when new commits land on the primary one.

The complete sources can be downloaded with the following command:

git clone

I recommend using a virtual environment to keep you isolated from the system packages:

python3 -m venv env
source env/bin/activate

After that, you can setup a development environment by executing the command:

pip install -r requirements/development.txt

You must then install the required ExtJS 4 sources executing:

python -m metapensiero.extjs.desktop --src

If you are a developer, you are encouraged to create your own fork of the software and possibly open a pull request: I will happily merge your changes!

You can run the tests suite with either

make test

or with a more specific

pytest tests/models

I18N / L10N

Currently SoL is translated in English[3], French and Italian. If you know other languages and want to contribute, the easiest way to create a new translation is to create an account on the Weblate site and follow its translators guide.

Translation status

Otherwise if like me you prefer using more traditional tools[4] you can extract a copy of the sources and operate directly on the local catalogs under the directory src/sol/locale.

To extract translatable messages use the following command:

make update-catalogs

To check your work you must compile them with:

make compile-catalogs

Feedback and support

If you run in troubles, or want to suggest something, or simply a desire of saying “Thank you” raises up, feel free to contact me via email as lele at metapensiero dot it.

Consider also joining the dedicated mailing list where you can get in contact with other users of the application. There is also an issues tracker where you can open a new tickets about bugs or enhancements.


4.21 (2023-03-29)

  • Minor stylistic tweaks to the digital scorecard

  • Some more fixes to handling final matches with more than 9 games

4.20 (2023-03-21)

  • Sort the participants printout by competitor’s name, matching the order of the correspondent panel

  • Rectify the storage of the scores of final matches when they take more than 9 games

  • Make it easier to understand which competitor is going to break in new game, highlighting his name

4.19 (2023-02-19)

  • Slim down the tourney’s and championship’s Lit pages by hiding the mostly “technical” details table within a <details> element

4.18 (2023-02-17)

  • Highlight the breaker competitor in the tourney match details

4.17 (2023-01-23)

  • New tourney’s playbill printout

  • Make it possible to reset queen assignment in the digital scorecard

4.16 (2023-01-10)

  • When printing the carromboard labels for a tournament, ask in advance how many boards so that one can prepare the labels even before having the complete list of participants

4.15 (2023-01-08)

  • Further embellishments to the Lit tournament views

4.14 (2023-01-07)

  • Minor embellishments to the Lit tournament views

  • Fix a rendering error when looking at the matches of a particular player in Lit

  • Repair editability of the “previous championship” in the championship edit form

4.13 (2023-01-06)

  • Downgrade metapensiero.extjs.desktop back to 2.0, to restore compatibility with Python 3.8

4.12 (2023-01-05)

  • Easier search by users name: when applying a basic (i.e., “contains”) filter on first name or last name or email address, actually search in all those fields at the same time

  • Substantially improve the Lit user experience on mobile devices

  • Add a Lit view for a match detailed results

  • Expose the countdown on the digital scoreboard

4.11 (2022-11-20)

  • Easier search by players name: when applying a basic (i.e., “contains”) filter on first name or last name, actually search in both fields at the same time

  • Online tournaments do not alter the associated ratings anymore

  • Tweak the dazed and staggered pairing methods to be slightly more fair (issue #15)

4.10 (2022-07-18)

  • Fix computation of bucholz when a retirements policy is in effect

  • Fix computation of the ranking of “non current” rounds

  • Fix update of matches sidebar when deleting a final round

4.9 (2022-04-10)

  • Disallow insertion of total scores exceeding 25 points in the self-compilation match form

  • Fix computation of total score in the scoreboard detailed results

4.8 (2022-03-11)

  • Better strategy to assign boards in small tournaments (issue #34)

  • Notify the user playing against Phantom in training tournaments (issue #35)

  • Use less ambiguous “register” in the login panel (issue #30)

  • Handle the “suicide” case in self-compilation match form (issue #29)

  • Allow unlimited boards in final matches (issue #31)

4.7 (2021-10-24)

  • Refine the self-insertion of match results:

    • avoid ending the insertion by mistake (issue #24)

    • always present the refresh action in the matches panel (issue #25)

  • Promote the SoL issue tracker in the main menu (issue #26)

  • Fix glitch entering scoreboard detailed results (issue #27)

4.6 (2021-05-30)

  • Fix defective Italian translation

4.5 (2021-04-24)

  • Fix glitch in English messages

4.4 (2021-04-21)

  • Fix issue #21, due to sloppy coding

  • Rewrite naïve implementation of the “all against all” turns generator, using the circle method algorithm

4.3 (2021-04-20)

  • Really fix issue #18

4.2 (2021-04-20)

  • Use a less confusing tooltip for the send training board emails action (see issue #16)

  • Possibly advance the current turn of the “all against all” Corona Carrom tournament when the ranking is updated (see issues #18 and #19)

4.1 (2021-04-19)

  • New “all against all” mode for Corona Carrom tournaments

4.0rc4 (2020-05-18)

  • Fix typo that prevented the automatic backup at login time

4.0rc3 (2020-05-18)

  • Slightly improved rendering of auto-compile scorecards on desktop browsers

  • New actions in the matches panel to open the auto-compile scorecards, when email does not work

  • New action on the tourneys management to create a knockout tourney from a previous Swiss one

4.0rc2 (2020-05-12)

  • Minor fixes to English grammar in the user manual

  • Fix boolean filters

4.0rc1 (2020-05-11)

  • Minor tweak the training board results edit window, showing the average misses count

4.0b14 (2020-05-09)

  • Complete the new boards results edit window, implementing the “training” variant

4.0b13 (2020-05-09)

  • Fix Lit view of training tournaments

4.0b12 (2020-05-07)

  • Refine “knockout” system couplings

  • New “boards” table, to store matches details, generalizing previous training-boards only solution

4.0b11 (2020-04-17)

  • Implement the “knockout” system, the last long-standing requested feature for v4, yay!

4.0b10 (2020-04-14)

  • Fix deployment issues

4.0b9 (2020-04-14)

  • Fix deployment issues

4.0b8 (2020-04-14)

  • New optional “social site” URL on tournaments

  • Store all boards misses, not just the totals

4.0b7 (2020-04-09)

  • Show both the scores and the errors in the training tournament’s Lit view

4.0b6 (2020-04-08)

  • Fix bug that allowed the self-insertion to only one of the competitors…

4.0b5 (2020-04-08)


one month of captivity…

  • Other minor tweaks to “Corona Carrom” management

4.0b4 (2020-04-07)

  • Minor tweaks to “Corona Carrom” management

4.0b3 (2020-04-05)

  • Restore “email” and “language” on players, removed in 4.0a5

  • Add support for “Corona Carrom”, “El Carrom en los tiempos del Covid-19”

4.0b2 (2020-02-15)

  • Highlight winners in the results printout, as suggested by Carlito

  • New “donations” section in the user’s manuals (still draft!)

4.0b1 (2020-02-10)

  • New introductory chapter in the user manual, thanks to Elisa for the preliminary text

  • New “world” fake country and icon, for international federations

  • Add an entry in the main menu to change account’s UI language

  • Take into account the selected round when printing tourney’s matches, for consistency with the results printout

  • Use darkblue instead of red to highlight winners, as red may suggest an error condition

4.0a10 (2020-02-06)

  • Add a rating on the clubs, used as default when creating new associated championships

  • Clearer identification of ratings, showing their level and associated club, if any

4.0a9 (2020-02-05)

  • Show the user’s email in the “owner” lookup, to avoid name clashes

  • Fix serialization of the new hosting club tourney’s attribute

  • New button to start the countdown after 60 seconds

  • Fix the actions deactivation logic based on the owner id for new records

4.0a8 (2020-02-01)

  • Add a rating on the championships, used as default when creating new associated tournaments

4.0a7 (2020-01-31)

  • Revise the obfuscation algorithm of player names, using an hash of the original one instead of simple truncation, to avoid conflicts; also, from now on it gets applied also to the exported streams

  • Highlight the not-yet-scored matches in the tourney management window

  • Allow emblems and portraits up to 512Kb in size

4.0a6 (2020-01-29)

  • Nicer rendering of the main Lit page

  • Simpler way to open the Lit page of a tourney from its management window

  • Allow to save partial results, to be on the safe side when there are lots of boards

  • Show the “hosting club” on all printouts, if present

4.0a5 (2020-01-25)

  • Remove “email”, “language” and “phone” from players data

  • Remove player’s rate from participants printout

  • Omit the player’s club in the ranking printout for international tourneys

  • Add the player’s nationality in matches and results printouts

  • Add an “hosting club” to tournaments

4.0a4 (2020-01-18)

  • New association between clubs and users: now a user may add a championship/tourney/rating/player only to clubs he either owns or is associated with

  • Add a link to send an email to the instance’ admin on the login panel

4.0a3 (2020-01-13)

  • Use a three-state flag for the player’s agreed privacy: when not explicitly expressed, SoL assumes they are publicly discernible if they participated to tournaments after January 1, 2020

  • Player’s first and last names must be longer that one single character

4.0a2 (2020-01-11)

  • Fix issue with UI language negotiation

  • Use the better maintained Fomantic-UI fork of Semantic-UI in the “Lit” interface

4.0a1 (2018-08-06)

  • Different layout for matches and results printouts, using two columns for the competitors to improve readability (suggested by Daniele)

  • New tournaments retirements policy

  • New “women” and “under xx” tourney’s ranking printouts

  • New “self sign up” procedure

  • New “forgot password” procedure

  • New “agreed privacy” on players

  • Somewhat prettier “Lit” interface, using Semantic-UI tables

  • Technicalities:

    • Development moved to GitLab

    • Officially supported on Python 3.6 and 3.7, not anymore on <=3.5

    • Shiny new pytest-based tests suite

    • Uses python-rapidjson instead nssjson, as I officially declared the latter as abandoned

    • Uses PyNaCl instead of cryptacular, as the former is much better maintained

    • “Users” are now a separated entity from “players”: now the login “username” is a mandatory email and the password must be longer than five characters (was three before)

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