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An Enum that inherits from str.

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StrEnum is a Python enum.Enum that inherits from str to complement enum.IntEnum in the standard library. Supports python 3.7+.


You can use pip to install.

pip install StrEnum


from enum import auto
from strenum import StrEnum

class HttpMethod(StrEnum):
    GET = auto()
    HEAD = auto()
    POST = auto()
    PUT = auto()
    DELETE = auto()
    CONNECT = auto()
    OPTIONS = auto()
    TRACE = auto()
    PATCH = auto()

assert HttpMethod.GET == "GET"

# You can use StrEnum values just like strings:

import urllib.request

req = urllib.request.Request('', method=HttpMethod.HEAD)
with urllib.request.urlopen(req) as response:
    html =

assert len(html) == 0  # HEAD requests do not (usually) include a body

There are classes whose auto() value folds each member name to upper or lower case:

from enum import auto
from strenum import LowercaseStrEnum, UppercaseStrEnum

class Tag(LowercaseStrEnum):
    Head = auto()
    Body = auto()
    Div = auto()

assert Tag.Head == "head"
assert Tag.Body == "body"
assert Tag.Div == "div"

class HttpMethod(UppercaseStrEnum):
    Get = auto()
    Head = auto()
    Post = auto()

assert HttpMethod.Get == "GET"
assert HttpMethod.Head == "HEAD"
assert HttpMethod.Post == "POST"

As well as classes whose auto() value converts each member name to camelCase, PascalCase, kebab-case, snake_case and MACRO_CASE:

from enum import auto
from strenum import CamelCaseStrEnum, PascalCaseStrEnum
from strenum import KebabCaseStrEnum, SnakeCaseStrEnum
from strenum import MacroCaseStrEnum

class CamelTestEnum(CamelCaseStrEnum):
    OneTwoThree = auto()

class PascalTestEnum(PascalCaseStrEnum):
    OneTwoThree = auto()

class KebabTestEnum(KebabCaseStrEnum):
    OneTwoThree = auto()

class SnakeTestEnum(SnakeCaseStrEnum):
    OneTwoThree = auto()

class MacroTestEnum(MacroCaseStrEnum):
    OneTwoThree = auto()

assert CamelTestEnum.OneTwoThree == "oneTwoThree"
assert PascalTestEnum.OneTwoThree == "OneTwoThree"
assert KebabTestEnum.OneTwoThree == "one-two-three"
assert SnakeTestEnum.OneTwoThree == "one_two_three"
assert MacroTestEnum.OneTwoThree == "ONE_TWO_THREE"

As with any Enum you can, of course, manually assign values.

from strenum import StrEnum

class Shape(StrEnum):
    CIRCLE = "Circle"

assert Shape.CIRCLE == "Circle"

Doing this with the case-changing classes, though, won't manipulate values--whatever you assign is the value they end up with.

from strenum import KebabCaseStrEnum

class Shape(KebabCaseStrEnum):
    CIRCLE = "Circle"

# This will raise an AssertionError because the value wasn't converted to kebab-case.
assert Shape.CIRCLE == "circle"


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please ensure tests pass before submitting a PR. This repository uses Black and Pylint for consistency. Both are run automatically as part of the test suite.

Running the tests

Tests can be run using make:

make test

This will create a virutal environment, install the module and its test dependencies and run the tests. Alternatively you can do the same thing manually:

python3 -m venv .venv
.venv/bin/pip install .[test]



N.B. Starting with Python 3.11, enum.StrEnum is available in the standard library. This implementation is not a drop-in replacement for the standard library implementation. Specifically, the Python devs have decided to case fold name to lowercase by default when auto() is used which I think violates the principle of least surprise.

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