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Supernova Bolometric Lightcurves

Project description

SuperBoL: Supernova Bolometric Lightcurves

Version 0.3.4

SuperBoL is a python package for calculating the bolometric lightcurves of Type II supernovae using observed photometry. Three different methods for calculating the bolometric luminosity are currently included. Those are:

  • Quasi-bolometric: converts observed magnitudes to monochromatic fluxes at the effective wavelengths of the filters, then integrates using the trapezoidal rule to get an approximation of the total observed flux.

  • Direct: Calculates the quasi-bolometric lightcurve, then makes UV and IR corrections by fitting a blackbody curve to the fluxes, and integrating that function beyond the wavelength limits of the observations.

  • Bolometric Correction: Performs a bolometric correction based on B-V, V-I, or B-I color, using the method of Bersten & Hamuy (2009).

Typical usage often looks like this:

from superbol import sn

my_supernova = sn.SN('sn1998a')
my_supernova.lqbol()                # quasi-bolometric lightcurve
my_supernova.lbol_direct_bh09()     # direct lightcurve
my_supernova.lbol_bc_bh09('B', 'V') # B-V bolometric correction lightcurve

SuperBoL propagates uncertainties in the input data through the calculations made by the code, allowing for errorbars to be included in plots of the lightcurve.


Source code can be found at

In order to install SuperBoL system-wide, use:

python install

If you do not have root priviliges on your machine, then use:

python install --user


Documentation is hosted at ReadTheDocs.

Documentation is automatically generated via Sphinx. To generate the documentation locally, navigate to the docs/ directory and use:

make html

This will generate html files in the docs/build/html/ directory. Double-clicking the index.html file should open the documentation in your web browser.


Bug reports, feature requests, and contributions are welcome.

Please issue bug reports and feature requests using - signing up for a GitHub account is free and easy.

To contribute code, please use the following procedure:

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