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Rewriting of the graphics library in 'Python for the Absolute Beginner' book.

Project description


This graphics library was written to be exactly comptible with the chapters
in the book: 'Python for the Absolute Beginner'. The reformatted version of
livewires( was incredibly simple
to use, powerful, and had many features. As the book became outdated copies of
the library-the reformated version-became harder and harder to find. Trying to
find a copy to teach some newcomers to python and failing, we decided
to write our own library, compatible, to the dot, with the book's tutorials.
Hopefully this will help a some people.
Since this is a reformatted version of livewires,we decided to call it
superwires. If you have a copy of the book, or any of its programs, you
only have change the line: 'from livewires import game' to
'from superwires import games' and it will work as intended. If you don't have
the book and just want a good graphics library for python, read the tutorial
ahead, or read the documentation at:


Simple Program:
from superwires import games

games.init(screen_width=640, screen_height=480, fps=50)
#makes screen with width, height, and frames per second

games.screen.mainloop() # event loop

That made a black window!!!

Now add this line in the middle:

That made a background!!!

Now this:
games.screen.add(Sprite(games.load_image('file.png'), x=320, y=240, dx=3, dy=3))#dx and dy stand for delta x and delta y

That made a moving sprite!!!!

Overriding Sprite:

First make a class:

class Bouncy_Ball(games.sprite):
def __init__(self):
super(self, Bouncy_Ball).__init__(games.load_image('ball.png'), x=320, y=240, dx=3, dy=3)#normal super init

def update(self): #this is empty by default but is called every frame
if self.left<=0 or self.right>=640:#right and left edges to check if on edge
self.dx*=-1#reverse x velocity

if<=0 or self.bottom>=480:#top and bottom edges to check if on edge
self.dy*=-1#reverse y velocity

Now instead of adding a sprite do:

That made a bouncing ball!!!!!

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