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Works 4.x to Word Python Converter bulk converts those ancient archaic Microsoft Works Word Processor 4.x (.wps) files to Microsoft Word 2007 format (.docx).

Project description

Works 4.x to Word Python Converter

Works 4.x to Word Python Converter bulk converts those ancient archaic Microsoft Works Word Processor 4.x (.wps) files to Microsoft Word 2007 format (.docx). If run with no arguments it will just create the converted file beside each processed file with the same name except the extension. The script does NO changes to the existing files unless you specifically tell it to (see *Usage*).

`Python 2.7x<>`_ and the following Python packages (but if you use Easy_Install or PIP you don't need to worry about these - they'll be automagically installed for you):
1. `Python Docx<>`_
2. `PIL (Python Image Library)<>`_
3. `LXML<>`_ (or many might prefer a `exe installer<>`_)
4. `Send2Trash<>`_
5. `Python dateutil<>`_

**Special note for Windows users:** Unfortunately most Windows system aren't be set up to build & install LXML from the source so unless you know otherwise just presume that it will be *much* easier to manually download and run the `LXML exe installer<>`_ and do that first before proceeding with installation.

Installation via PIP::
pip install works-4x-to-word-python-converter
or Easy_Install::
easy_install works-4x-to-word-python-converter
is suggestioned (PIP more so since it is a better python package installation solution). You can also download the source files, eggs or for Windows users a nice executable installer from here.

If you have your Python scrips dir in your path (which you really should) usage is very simple:: -S C:\source\files
(Replacing C:\source\files with the actual location of the source files of course)
If it isn't set you just have to include the full path which on Windows with Python 2.7x defaults to C:\Python27\Scripts like so::
C:\Python27\Scripts\ -S C:\source\files
Or if you have multiple python versions installed and you want to use a non-default one::
C:\Python27\Python.exe C:\Python27\Scripts\ -S C:\source\files

Source location is not the only option you have; there are half a dozen arguments you can use::
-h, --help show this help message and exit
Set the source path to process, if unset defaults to
location from which program is run
Set the destination path to save processed files to,
if unset defaults to saving beside the existing files
--delete Deletes the source files after processing - ARE YOU
-A, --archive Archive the source files after processing - but
doesn't delete them, consider using with the dangerous
--delete flag
-d, --debug If called with the --debug flag instead of just
warning that a file failed will raise the error so
that you can debug it properly - or send problematic
file to


Version 2.0.1:
Added readme
Fixed packaging error that wasn't automatically being included so for some systems it could not be found and hence installation would fail.
Added LICENCE.txt to package.
Added python-dateutil to requirements since with the latest version of Python docx it is required but the package for python-docx does not automatically include it even when used with PIP or Easy_Install.

Version 2.0.0:
Created proper python package
Added command line argument processing
Improved error handling

Versions <= 1.0 2011-2012 quick and dirty script to do a needed job on the double.

Future Plans
No plan for timing but possible future plans may include:
Option to scan inside archives for sourcefiles


Thanks to Guido et al for the awesome language that Python is.
Thanks to the authors of all the required packages that enable this to actually do something.
Thanks to Wrye (of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion fame) for my first python hints/suggestions/'that's not the best way to do it' (and the amazing program that is Wrye Bash)
Thanks to Amorilia for all his suggestions of improvement to my python code over the years

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