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Aca, a functional programming language, and shitty toy

Project description


Aca, a functional programming language, and shitty toy.

Aca is a toy functional programming language initially inspired by ISWIM. The interpreter is currently written in Python.


$ pip install acalang


  1. Command line usage
$ cat foo.aca
let main =
    dechurch 3

$ aca foo.aca

$ aca foo.aca -S    # `noeval' mode
(lambda x: dechurch(x))((lambda x: x)((lambda f: lambda x: (f(f(f(x)))))))

$ aca       # REPL
$ aca -S    # REPL with `noeval'
  1. Lambda calculus
let main =
    (\x y f. f x y)
  1. Standard library for basic datatypes
let a = zero
let b = succ zero
let main = dechurch b
-- 1
  1. Sugar for Church numerals
let main = 0

-- This is identical to
let main =
    (\x . x)
  1. Special builtin functions for debugging (decoded into Python value)
let main =
    dechurch 42
-- Output: 42

let main =
    debool true
-- Output: True

let main =
    dereal (neg (u2i 42))
-- Output: -42
  1. Simple module import with use
$ foo.aca
let foo = 42

$ bar.aca
use foo

let main =
    dechurch foo

$ aca bar.aca


  • Before v1.0.0:
    • Untyped lambda calculus
  • v1.0.0:
    • Simply typed lambda calculus
  • v2.0.0:
    • System F



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