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Simple byte and string based inter-device communication via BLE.

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This library provides simple byte and string based inter-device communication via BLE.

It works like a walkie-talkie: configure your device to use a certain channel (numbered 0-255, default being 42) and it will broadcast on that channel and receive any messages from other devices using that channel.


This library depends on:

Please ensure all dependencies are available on the CircuitPython filesystem. This is easily achieved by downloading the Adafruit library and driver bundle.

Usage Example

All the functionality is exposed via the very simple Radio class:

from adafruit_ble_radio import Radio

# A radio instance listens/broadcasts on a numbered channel.
r = Radio(channel=7)

# Update radio instance settings.

# Broadcast a simple string message.

# Broadcast raw bytes.

# A loop to listen for incoming string based messages...
while True:
    msg = r.receive()
    if msg:

# Alternatively, to get the raw bytes and other details...
while True:
    msg = r.receive_full()
    if msg:
        msg_bytes = msg[0]
        msg_strength = msg[1]
        msg_time = msg[2]
        print("Recieved {} (strength {}, at time {})".format(

Unit Tests

To run the test suite you should have pytest and pytest-coverage installed (pip install pytest pytest-coverage).

Run the unit tests with the following command:

$ pytest --cov-report term-missing --cov=adafruit_ble_radio tests/


API documentation for this library can be found on Read the Docs.

For information on building library documentation, please check out this guide.


Contributions are welcome! Please read our Code of Conduct before contributing to help this project stay welcoming.

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