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Addic7ed scraper written in Python to download subtitles (almost) automatically

Project description

Addic7ed Scraper


This scraper is made to work with Python 3 only. It is pre-installed on
many linux distribution.

If it's not your case, install it :p


Using python-pip:

$ sudo pip install addic7ed

Using Git repository:

$ git clone addic7ed

or download/unzip
`archive <>`__

then (from download/clone path):


$ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

or use python `Python
virtualenv <>`__
and install requirements within.

Create ~/.addic7edrc file containing language you want (english for instance):

lang = en

You can find language codes `here <>`__


If you installed using python-pip, just run *addic7ed* (otherwise ** file should be excutable) from the folder where your video files are,

$ addic7ed



$ /git/clone/path/

following command line arguments can be provided:
positional arguments:
PATH path of file to search subtitles for (default: all
video from current dir).

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--list-lang list supported languages.
-n, --dry-run do not ask or download subtitlejust output available
ones and leave.
-l LANG, --lang LANG language to search subs for (default: en).
-k, --keep-lang suffix subtitle file with language code.
Find subtitles for files matching given extensions
(space separated values)
--names-from-file NAMES_FROM_FILE
read file names from a file.
--paths-from-file PATHS_FROM_FILE
read file paths from a file.
-r {none,sub,video}, --rename {none,sub,video}
rename sub/video to match video/sub or none at all
(default: none).

then it will prompt which file you want to download. If download is
successful, it will rename the video file to match subtitle file.


- Error management/reporting
- Intelligent auto-download (using comment + completion +
- Better file crawling (recursivity mainly)

Suggestions and/or pull requests are more than welcome!

.. |Example| image::

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