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Create Free Ableton Live Instruments from Philharmonic Samples

Project description

ADGMaker! # ADGMaker

Automatically create and install hundreds of awesome Free (as in Freedom!) Ableton Live Instuments from the super high-quality Philharmonia Orchestra samples.


ADGMaker requires that you have Python, OSX, and Ableton Live installed already. Then, simply:

$ pip install adgmaker

Automatic Usage

The simplest way to use ADGMaker is with the ‘–all’ and ‘–install’ arguments, which will fetch the instrument archives from the internet, create ADGs, and install them into your Ableton installation automatically:

$ adgmaker --all --install

Then go to File -> Manage Files -> Manage User Library and use your new instruments! You’ll see them under the “Drums” tab. Tada!

Manual Usage

Download an instrument from the Philharmonia Orchestra website and unzip it.

Then, (from a virtualenv), run:

python double_bass/

Then copy all of the .adg files to:

~/Music/Ableton/User\ Library/Presets/Instruments/Drum\ Rack/

(or wherever your Ableton is installed).

Then copy all of the mp3s to:

~/Music/Ableton/User\ Library/Samples/Imported

Then go to File -> Manage Files -> Manage User Library and use your new instruments!


Some of the ADGs only have a few items in them, but most instruments have at least a few ADG files that have a couple of complete scales. All of the percussion instruments have been combined into a single percussion ADG.

Some of the samples have a slight delay, so you might have to manually set the sample start time to your liking. I also like to add a little bit of fade out, reverb, and put them all into the same choke group, depending on the sound I want.


  • Support other sound archives?

  • Support making multi-instrument racks?

  • Tests / CI!


Project details

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