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Print the name of a random adjective/species, more or less…

Project description

The adjspecies Python module generates random names formed from an animal and a descriptor.


$ pip install -U adjspecies


From the command line

$ adjspecies --help
usage: [-h] [--maxlen MAXLEN] [--sep SEPARATOR] [--count COUNT]

Print the name of a random adjective/species, more or less…

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --maxlen MAXLEN    Maximum length for the name, excluding any separator.
  --sep SEPARATOR    Separator between the adjective and species words.
  --count COUNT      Number of adjective/species combinations to print.
  --prevent-stutter  Prevent the same letter from appearing on an
                     adjective/species boundary. (default=True)

$ python --count 4

In Python code

>>> import adjspecies
>>> help(adjspecies.random_adjspecies)
Help on function random_adjspecies in module adjspecies:

random_adjspecies(sep='', maxlen=8, prevent_stutter=True)
    Return a random adjective/species, separated by `sep`. The keyword
    arguments `maxlen` and `prevent_stutter` are the same as for
    `random_adjspecies_pair`, but note that the maximum length argument is
    not affected by the separator.

>>> adjspecies.random_adjspecies('.', 7)


While writing a deployment system targetting DigitalOcean Droplets, the author found the largest bottleneck was finding names for the transient test servers.

The adjective/species contrivance comes from the furry culture in general and more directly from the site [adjective][species]. It provides a wide namespace of easy-to-remember randomness.

Everything up until the initial commit was an exercise in yak shaving and procrastinating getting out of bed.


The adjspecies module is written and maintained by Adam Wright, who plays a cheetah on Twitter under the guise of @chipikat, a Python developer called @pypikat and a human being named @hipikat.

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