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Collection of parsers for (nearly) all commercial adsorption instrumentation.

Project description

Adsorption File Parser

A pure python parser to sorption files from various instrumentation manufacturers. It comes with minimal dependencies and maximum flexibility.

Currently supports files from:

  • Micromeritics (‘.xls’ reports)

  • Surface Measurement Systems DVS (‘.xlsx’ reports)

  • 3P instruments (‘.xlsx’ reports)

  • Quantachrome (‘.txt’ raw isotherm data)

  • MicrotracBEL (‘.dat’, ‘.xls’ and ‘.csv’ files)


Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. Commits since latest release


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Install using pip

pip install adsorption-file-parser


The main read function returns two dictionaries: a meta dictionary, which contains various metadata that is present in the report (date, user, units) and the data dictionary, containing lists of individual isotherm data.

from adsorption_file_parser import read
meta, data = read(
    fmt="supported format"

Bugs or questions?

For any bugs found or feature requests, please open an issue or, even better, submit a pull request.

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