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Aerospike Client Library for Python

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The Python client for Aerospike works with Python 3.8 - 3.11 and supports the following OS’es:

  • macOS 11 and 12

  • CentOS 7 Linux

  • RHEL 8 and 9

  • Amazon Linux 2023

  • Debian 11 and 12

  • Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04

The client is also verified to run on these operating systems, but we do not officially support them (i.e we don’t distribute wheels or prioritize fixing bugs for these OSes):

  • Alpine Linux

NOTE: Aerospike Python client 5.0.0 and up MUST be used with Aerospike server 4.9 or later. If you see the error “-10, ‘Failed to connect’”, please make sure you are using server 4.9 or later.


pip install aerospike

In most cases pip will install a precompiled binary (wheel) matching your OS and version of Python. If a matching wheel isn’t found it, or the --install-option argument is provided, pip will build the Python client from source.

Please see the build instructions for more.


# client >=3.8.0 will attempt a manylinux wheel installation for Linux distros
# to force a pip install from source:
pip install aerospike --no-binary :all:

# to troubleshoot pip versions >= 6.0 you can
pip install --no-cache-dir aerospike

If you run into trouble installing the client on a supported OS, you may be using an outdated pip. Versions of pip older than 7.0.0 should be upgraded, as well as versions of setuptools older than 18.0.0.

Troubleshooting macOS

In some versions of macOS, Python 2.7 is installed as python with pip as its associated package manager, and Python 3 is installed as python3 with pip3 as the associated package manager. Make sure to use the ones that map to Python 3, such as pip3 install aerospike.

Attempting to install the client with pip for the system default Python may cause permissions issues when copying necessary files. In order to avoid those issues the client can be installed for the current user only with the command: pip install --user aerospike

# to trouleshoot installation on macOS try
pip install --no-cache-dir --user aerospike


For instructions on manually building the Python client, please refer to


Documentation is hosted at and at


Example applications are provided in the examples directory of the GitHub repository

For examples, to run the

python examples/client/


To run the benchmarks the python module ‘tabulate’ need to be installed. In order to display heap information the module guppy must be installed. Note that guppy is only available for Python2. If guppy is not installed the benchmarks will still be runnable. Benchmark applications are provided in the benchmarks directory of the GitHub repository

By default the benchmarks will try to connect to a server located at , instructions on changing that setting and other command line flags may be displayed by appending the –help argument to the benchmark script. For example:

python benchmarks/ --help


The Aerospike Python Client is made availabled under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2, as stated in the file LICENSE.

Individual files may be made available under their own specific license, all compatible with Apache License, Version 2. Please see individual files for details.

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