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Project description

afthermal is a driver/library for the popular Adafruit (originally Cashino A2) thermal printer [1].

Partially, it is inspired by previous efforts:

afthermal try to be more pythonic and efficient than previous efforts, which have mostly been 1:1 ports from other languages. Additionally it is not focused on education but rather on being a reliable library for handling this kind of hardware.

Features include:

  • Comfortable handling of text formatting

  • Adapters to print images from PIL / Pillow as well as OpenCV

  • A fast Floyd-Steinberg implementation to dither OpenCV images.

  • Command-line utilities for calibrating the printer for optimum speed and quality, as well as other capabilities

  • Support for printing QR codes via PyQRCode without having to render them into images first


afthermal is installable from pip. It supports an extra feature named tools, installing it will include cli tools for calibrating the printer, printing test images or other tasks:

$ pip install 'afthermal[tools]'

It includes a C extension for Floyd-Steinberg dithering, since OpenCV does not ship with a dithering function. For this reason C-modules must be compileable when installing afthermal.

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