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A Python wrapper for 18 image quality indicators.

Project description


A Python package computing a set of image quality indicators (IQIs) for a given input video.

Following IQIs are included in the package:

  • A set of 15 Video Quality Indicators (VQIs) developed by the team from AGH. See the following website for more information:
  • Our Python reimplementation of the Colourfulness IQI. See this paper for more information regarding this IQI.
  • Blur Amount IQI. See package's Python Package Index web page for more information.
  • UGC IQI (User-generated content).

Authors: Jakub Nawała <>, Filip Korus <>


  • ffmpeg - version >= 4.4.2
  • Python - version >= 3.9


pip install agh_vqis


  1. Single multimedia file:

    from agh_vqis import process_single_mm_file, VQIs
    from pathlib import Path
    if __name__ == '__main__':
  2. Folder with multimedia files:

    from agh_vqis import process_folder_w_mm_files, VQIs
    from pathlib import Path
    if __name__ == '__main__':
  3. Options parameter - in either process_single_mm_file and process_folder_w_mm_files function options could be provided as an optional argument. It is being passed to function as a dictionary like below.

     process_single_mm_file(Path('/path/to/single/video.mp4'), options={
          VQIs.contrast: False,  # disable contrast indicator
          VQIs.colourfulness: False,  # disable colourfulness indicator
  4. How to disable/enable indicators to count? Every indicator is enabled by default except blue_amount due to long computing time. To disable one of following indicators (blockiness, SA, letterbox, pillarbox, blockloss, blur, TA, blackout, freezing, exposure, contrast, interlace, noise, slice, flickering, colourfulness, ugc) pass

    VQIs.indicator_name: False

    to options dictionary. Whereas to enable blur_amount indicator pass True value.

  5. agh-vqis package could be used from command line interface as well. For example:

    python3 -m agh_vqis /path/to/single/movie.mp4 # will run VQIS for single file


    python3 -m agh_vqis /path/to/multimedia/folder/ # will run VQIS for folder

    Whereas this command will display help:

    $ python3 -m agh_vqis -h
  6. Supported multimedia files: mp4, y4m, mov, mkv, avi, ts, webm, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp.

  7. First row of the output CSV file contains header with image quality indicators (IQIs) names, whereas each row below the header represents single video frame from the input video file. Each column provides a numerical result as returned by a given IQI when applied to the respective frame.

  8. Cast chosen indicators for different resolutions (experimental). For example: to cast Blur to 1440p and Blockiness to 2160p you should pass two additional lines in options dictionary like below.

        from agh_vqis import process_single_mm_file, CastVQI, DestResolution
        from pathlib import Path
        if __name__ == '__main__':
            process_single_mm_file(Path('/path/to/single/video.mp4'), options={
               CastVQI.blur: DestResolution.p1440,
               CastVQI.blockiness: DestResolution.p2160

    Available casts (with percentage of correctness)


    source resolution destination resolution correctness
    1080p 1440p 99.80%
    1080p 2160p 99.72%
    1440p 2160p 99.68%
    2160p 1440p 99.81%


    source resolution destination resolution correctness
    240p 360p 93.91%
    240p 480p 87.78%
    360p 240p 94.28%
    360p 480p 98.08%
    360p 720p 92.51%
    480p 240p 87.68%
    480p 360p 98.05%
    480p 720p 97.35%
    720p 360p 92.69%
    720p 480p 97.31%
    720p 1080p 80.95%
    1080p 1440p 99.12%
    1080p 2160p 93.41%
    1440p 1080p 99.07%
    1440p 2160p 96.24%
    2160p 1080p 93.59%
    2160p 1440p 96.39%


    source resolution destination resolution correctness
    240p 360p 97.75%
    240p 480p 94.89%
    240p 720p 89.71%
    360p 240p 97.77%
    360p 480p 98.68%
    360p 720p 94.83%
    360p 1080p 80.37%
    480p 240p 94.82%
    480p 360p 98.68%
    480p 720p 97.80%
    480p 1080p 82.90%
    480p 1440p 80.40%
    720p 240p 89.32%
    720p 360p 94.87%
    720p 480p 97.85%
    720p 1080p 86.99%
    720p 1440p 84.66%
    720p 2160p 82.34%
    1080p 360p 80.71%
    1080p 480p 83.41%
    1080p 720p 86.88%
    1080p 1440p 98.78%
    1080p 2160p 96.91%
    1440p 480p 80.90%
    1440p 720p 84.85%
    1440p 1080p 98.83%
    1440p 2160p 99.05%
    2160p 720p 82.89%
    2160p 1080p 96.93%
    2160p 1440p 98.98%


    source resolution destination resolution correctness
    240p 360p 99.83%
    240p 480p 99.69%
    240p 720p 99.55%
    240p 1080p 87.94%
    240p 1440p 87.94%
    240p 2160p 87.91%
    360p 240p 99.85%
    360p 480p 99.97%
    360p 720p 99.93%
    360p 1080p 88.36%
    360p 1440p 88.34%
    360p 2160p 88.36%
    480p 240p 99.73%
    480p 360p 99.97%
    480p 720p 99.98%
    480p 1080p 88.61%
    480p 1440p 88.67%
    480p 2160p 88.67%
    720p 240p 99.61%
    720p 360p 99.93%
    720p 480p 99.98%
    720p 1080p 88.45%
    720p 1440p 88.46%
    720p 2160p 88.46%
    1080p 240p 87.12%
    1080p 360p 87.71%
    1080p 480p 87.82%
    1080p 720p 87.91%
    1080p 1440p 99.99%
    1080p 2160p 99.99%
    1440p 240p 87.13%
    1440p 360p 87.72%
    1440p 480p 87.85%
    1440p 720p 87.92%
    1440p 1080p 99.99%
    1440p 2160p 100.0%
    2160p 240p 87.11%
    2160p 360p 87.72%
    2160p 480p 87.85%
    2160p 720p 87.91%
    2160p 1080p 99.99%
    2160p 1440p 100.0%


    source resolution destination resolution correctness
    240p 360p 86.93%
    360p 240p 87.19%
    360p 480p 88.32%
    480p 360p 87.22%
    480p 720p 90.80%
    720p 480p 91.21%
    720p 1080p 82.65%
    1080p 1440p 81.35%


    source resolution destination resolution correctness
    240p 360p 88.85%
    360p 240p 88.08%
    360p 480p 86.33%
    480p 360p 85.94%
    480p 720p 88.71%
    720p 480p 88.12%
    1080p 1440p 94.84%
    1080p 2160p 80.34%
    1440p 1080p 92.28%
    1440p 2160p 87.24%
    2160p 1440p 88.54%


The agh-vqis Python package is provided via the Evaluation License Agreement.

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