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Cisco NX-API asyncio client

Project description

Cisco NX-API asyncio Client

This repository contains a Cisco NX-API asyncio based client that uses the httpx as an underlying transport and lxml as the basis for handling XML.

Note: This client does not support the NETCONF interface.


Quick Example

Thie following shows how to create a Device instance and run a list of commands.

By default the Device instance will use HTTPS transport. The Device instance supports the following settings:

  • host - The device hostname or IP address
  • username - The login user-name
  • password - The login password
  • proto - (Optional) Choose either "https" or "http", defaults to "https"
  • port - (Optional) Chose the protocol port to override proto default

The result of command execution is a list of CommandResults (namedtuple). The output field will be:

  • lxml.Element when output format is 'xml'
  • dict when output format is 'json'
  • str when output format is 'text'
from asyncnxapi import Device

username = 'dummy-user'
password = 'dummy-password'

async def run_test(host):
    dev = Device(host=host, creds=(username, password))
    res = await dev.exec(['show hostname', 'show version'], ofmt='json')
    for cmd in res:
       if not cmd.ok:
          print(f"{cmd.command} failed")

       # do something with cmd.output as dict since ofmt was 'json'


  • Chunking is not currently supported. If anyone has need of this feature please open an issue requesting support.


Cisco DevNet NX-API Rerefence:

Cisco platform specific NX-API references:

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