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Asynchronous generators yielding detected hotplug events on the USB buses

Project description


aio-usb-hotplug is a Python library that provides asynchronous generators yielding detected hotplug events on the USB buses.

Requires Python >= 3.8.

Works with asyncio and trio.


Use the package manager pip to install aio-usb-hotplug.

pip install aio-usb-hotplug

aio-usb-hotplug depends on PyUSB, which in turn requires libusb or openusb. An easy way to satisfy this requirement is to install libusb-package, which supplies pre-compiled binaries for most platforms:

pip install libusb-package

aio-usb-hotplug will make use of libusb-package if it is installed in the current Python environment.


Dump all hotplug events related to a specific USB device

from aio_usb_hotplug import HotplugDetector
from trio import run  # ...or asyncio

async def dump_events():
    detector = HotplugDetector.for_device(vid="1050", pid="0407")
    async for event in

Run an async task for each USB device matching a VID/PID pair

from aio_usb_hotplug import HotplugDetector
from trio import sleep_forever

async def handle_device(device):
    print("Handling device:", repr(device))
        # Do something meaningful with the device. The task gets cancelled
        # when the device is unplugged.
        await sleep_forever()
        # Device unplugged or an exception happened
        print("Stopped handling device:", repr(device))

async def handle_detected_devices():
    detector = HotplugDetector.for_device(vid="1050", pid="0407")
    await detector.run_for_each_device(handle_device)


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.



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