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Simple and lightweight async console runner.

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Async cli client/commander framework

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aiocli is a Python library for simple and lightweight async console runner.

Full compatibility with argparse module and highly inspired by aiohttp module.


Use the package manager pip to install aiocli.

pip install aiocli



from logging import getLogger, Logger, StreamHandler
from os import getenv

from aiocli.commander import run_app, Application, Depends, State

app = Application(state={
    'envs': {
        'LOGGER_NAME': str(getenv('LOGGER_NAME', 'example_app')),
        'LOGGER_LEVEL': str(getenv('LOGGER_LEVEL', 'INFO')),

def _get_logger(state: State) -> Logger:
    logger = getLogger(state.get('envs')['LOGGER_NAME'])
    handler = StreamHandler()
    return logger

@app.command(name='greet:to', positionals=[('name', {'default': 'World!'})])
async def handle_greeting(name: str, logger: Logger = Depends(_get_logger)) -> int:'Hello {name}')
    return 0

@app.command(name='div', optionals=[('--a', {'type': float}), ('--b', {'type': float})])
async def handle_division(a: float, b: float, logger: Logger = Depends(_get_logger)) -> int:
    try:'Result {a} / {b} = {(a / b)}')
        return 0
    except BaseException as err:
        logger.error(f'Error: {err}')
        return 1

# python3 <command> <positionals> <optionals>
if __name__ == '__main__':


  • Python >= 3.7


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.



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