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API for local communication with LIFX devices over a LAN with asyncio.

Project description

AioLifxC Documentation Status Updates

AioLifxC is a Python 3/asyncio library to control Lifx LED lightbulbs over your LAN.

Most of it was originally taken from the Meghan Clarkk lifxlan package and adapted to Python 3 (and asyncio obviously)

This is a fork from François Wautier’s package. It uses coroutines as opposed to callbacks. If you prefer callbacks, please see his implementation instead. This was forked from version 0.5.0.


We are on PyPi so:

pip3 install aiolifxc


python3 -m pip install aiolifxc

How to use

In essence, the test program is this:

def readin():
"""Reading from stdin and displaying menu"""

    selection = sys.stdin.readline().strip("\n")

loop = aio.get_event_loop()
devices = Devices(loop=loop)

loop.add_reader(sys.stdin, readin)


except Exception as e:
    print("Got exception %s" % e)

Other things worth noting:

  • Whilst LifxDiscover uses UDP broadcast, the bulbs are connected with Unicast UDP

  • The socket connecting to a bulb is not closed unless the bulb is deemed to have gone the way of the Dodo. I’ve been using that for days with no problem

  • You can select to used IPv6 connection to the bulbs by passing an IPv6 prefix to LifxDiscover. It’s only been tried with /64 prefix. If you want to use a /48 prefix, add “:” (colon) at the end of the prefix and pray. (This means 2 colons at the end!)

  • I only have Original 1000, so I could not test with other types of bulbs

  • Unlike in lifxlan, set_waveform takes a dictionary with the right keys instead of all those parameters




  • Add more log messages.

  • Fix display of selected devices in sample app.

  • Simplify API. Merge device classes into light classes.

0.5.6 (2017-09-22)


  • Update pip dependancies.

  • Simplify start_discovery function.

  • Update to Beta status.

  • Fix API docs on readthedocs.


  • Update file.

0.5.5 (2017-07-11)


  • Update mypy from 0.511 to 0.520


  • Ensure we act on selected device in sample client.

  • Fix mypy errors.

  • Fix message size calculation.

  • Add configurable grace period for unregister.

0.5.4 (2017-07-07)


  • Fix failure to re-register a light that went off-line.

0.5.3 (2017-07-03)


  • Fixed FD resource leak in discovery of existing lights.

0.5.2 (2017-07-02)


  • Significant changes. Improvements to the API. Type hints, doc strings, etc.

0.5.1 (2017-06-26)

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