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An async python wrapper for NASA open APIs.

Project description


An async python wrapper for NASA open APIs. (


This module is still in the development/testing phase. Bugs are still being worked out and breaking changes are common.

Current Progress: 5/17 APIs

  • APOD: NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
    • API: complete
    • CLI: complete
    • Documentation: complete
  • InSight: Mars Weather Data
    • API: complete
    • Documentation: complete
  • EPIC: Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera
    • API: complete
    • Documentation: complete
  • Asteroids-NeoWs: Near Earth Object Web Service
    • API: complete
    • Documentation: complete
  • Exoplanet: NASA Exoplanet Database
    • API: complete
    • Documentation: complete


aionasa can be installed from pypi with the command:

# Linux
python3 -m pip install -U aionasa

# Windows
python -m pip install -U aionasa

To install the development version of the library directly from source:

$ git clone
$ cd aionasa
$ python3 -m pip install -U .


We'll be using IPython because it supports await expressions directly from the console.

$ pip install aionasa ipython
$ ipython
from aionasa import APOD, InSight

async with APOD() as apod:
    picture = await apod.get()

picture.url # this will be the most recent APOD image URL.

async with InSight() as insight:
    data = await insight.get()

data # this will be a dict containing the JSON data returned by the API.

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