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A zero-dependency async subprocess that keeps on getting stdout and stderr.

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A zero-dependency async subprocess that keeps on getting stdout and stderr.

How to use

Example 1: Hello World

A classic Hello World. It prints Hello World! in the shell and redirects the stdout to print().

import asyncio
from aiosubprocess import Process

    Process("echo Hello World!", stdout=print).shell()
$> python
[AIO Subprocess-0] Hello World!

Process finished with exit code 0

Example 2: Two Processes

One process writes to a file, and a second process logs the content of the file in real time.

import asyncio
from aiosubprocess import Process

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
reader = Process(
    """for i in {1..5}
       echo "Hello $i World" > tempfile.log
       sleep 1
writer = Process(
    "timeout --foreground 10s tail -f tempfile.log",
    expected_returncode=124,  # Because timeout is expected
awaitable_reader =
awaitable_writer =
gathered = asyncio.gather(awaitable_reader, awaitable_writer, loop=loop)
assert gathered.result() == [True, True]

Which does exactly this:

Example animation


There are many scenario where we need to keep an eye on a subprocess output. If we want to do so in realtime (and redirect it to logs or a GUI), the boilerplate is tedious.

The other solution is to wait for the subprocess to exit and read the stdout/stderr afterwards.

This library implements this boilerplate, so you don't have to.

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