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The Airavata Django Portal SDK is a library that makes it easier to develop Airavata Django Portal customizations.

Project description

# Airavata Django Portal SDK

[![Build Status](](

The Airavata Django Portal SDK provides libraries that assist in developing custom Django app extensions to the [Airavata Django Portal](

See the documentation at for more details.

## Getting Started

To integrate the SDK with an Airavata Django Portal custom app, add

` airavata-django-portal-sdk `

to the install_requires list in your setup.cfg or file. Then reinstall the Django app with

` pip install -e . `

(see your Airavata Django custom app’s README for details)

You can also just install the library with:

` pip install airavata-django-portal-sdk `

## Migrations

` django-admin makemigrations --settings=tests.test_settings airavata_django_portal_sdk `

## Documentation

To generate the documentation, [create a virtual environment]( and then:

` pip install -r requirements-dev.txt mkdocs serve `

## Developing

### Setting up dev environment

` source venv/bin/activate pip install -r requirements-dev.txt `

### Running tests

` ./ `

### Running flake8

` flake8 . `

### Automatically formatting Python code

` autopep8 -i -aaa -r . isort . `

### Making a new release

  1. Update the version in

  2. Tag the repo with the same version, with the format v${version_number}. For example, if the version number in is “1.2” then tag the repo with “v1.2”.

    ` VERSION=... git tag -m $VERSION $VERSION git push --follow-tags `

  3. In a clean checkout

    ` cd /tmp/ git clone /path/to/airavata-django-portal-sdk/ -b $VERSION cd airavata-django-portal-sdk python3 -m venv venv source venv/bin/activate python3 -m pip install --upgrade build python3 -m build `

  4. Push to Optionally can push to See <> for more info.

    ` python3 -m pip install --upgrade twine python3 -m twine upload dist/* `

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