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Make any type JSON-serializable

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Make any type JSON-serializable.

A Python module which makes json.dumps work with several builtin and stdlib types. A hook for registering any custom type is also provided.


Simply install alljson with pip or add it to your project dependencies:

pip install alljson

Supported types

After installing, the following types are JSON-serializable:

  • generators

  • set and frozenset

  • dict item/key/value iterators and views

  • and datetime.datetime (as strings in ISO format)

  • uuid.UUID

  • decimal.Decimal (serialized as string in order to preserve precision)

  • reversed results

In addition to these, the following Python 3 types are supported:

  • map, filter, range iterators

  • enum.Enum

  • pathlib.Path

  • types.MappingProxyType

  • classes implementing Sequence and Mapping abc interfaces

Registering custom types

In order to register a new type, use alljson.register_encoder(type, encoder_function). encoder_function should take object of given type as the only parameter and return a simple JSON-serializable Python value (such as dict or str).

For example:

import arrow
import alljson

alljson.register_encoder(arrow.Arrow, arrow.Arrow.isoformat)


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