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A dead simple Python interface to the Alwaysdata API.

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A dead simple Python interface to the Alwaysdata API

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pip install alwaysdata_api

(Use flag --user if you can't install globally.)


If you store your API key and account name in the ALWAYSDATA_API_KEY and ALWAYSDATA_ACCOUNT environment variables, the following example works out of the box:

from alwaysdata_api import Domain
# ''

Alternatively, you can provide the authentication via code. The above example then needs to be expanded to include the extra configuration:

from alwaysdata_api import Auth, Domain
auth = Auth('account_name', 'api_key')
Domain.list(name='paul', auth=auth)[0].name
# ''

See for more examples.

Every resources in the API docs has a class in this package (such as Domain, Record, Mailbox, etc) and all resources share the same set of methods. To give you a quick idea:

  • Resource.get(id) retrieves the instance.
  • Resource.list(**query_kwargs) finds and returns the list of resources.
  • submits the resource instance to the server to be created.
  • res.put() updates the instance on the server.
  •, res2).patch() sends the changes from res1 to res2 to the server.
  • res.delete() deletes it.


Although it is a simple bit of code, surely it can be improved. Contributions are very welcome. Just send a PR (please include tests). It would be equally great to have some instructions in this repo Wiki (I would have to find out how that works though :-))

Code style follows PEP accurately and uses Google style docstrings.

For testing:

python -m unittest



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