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Ambisafe KeyServer client library

Project description


Use pip

pip install ambisafe


Create client

Import Client and create client object

from ambisafe import Client

client = Client(ambisafe_server_url, secret, api_key, api_secret)

You can set prefix for account id

client = Client(ambisafe_server_url, secret, api_key, api_secret, account_id_prefix='prefix')

You can provide read and connect timeout (in seconds)

client = Client(ambisafe_server_url, secret, api_key, api_secret, connect_timeout=2.5, read_timeout=5)

Create account

Simple security schema

account = client.create_simple_account(account_id, currency='BTC')

Wallet4 security schema

Generate operator container using secret and create user container from public_key, data (encrypted private key), iv and salt

from ambisafe import Container

operator_container = Container.generate(client.secret)
user_container = Container(public_key, data, iv, salt)

Create account for security schema “Wallet4” and “BTC” currency

account = client.create_wallet4_account(account_id, user_container=user_container,

Update Wallet4 account

Create new containers and update account

account = client.update_wallet4_account(account_id, user_container=user_container,

Get balance

Get balance in float

balance = client.get_balance(account_id, 'BTC')

Get account

account = client.get_account(account_id, 'BTC')

Make payment

For Simple account

Build and submit transaction

transaction = client.build_transaction(account_id, 'BTC', address, amount)
result = client.submit(account_id, transaction, 'BTC')

For Wallet4 accounts

Build transaction

transaction = client.build_transaction(account_id, 'BTC', address, amount)

Sign this transaction by user, then sing by operator and submit it

transaction = client.sign_wallet4_transaction(transaction, account_id, 'BTC')
client.submit(account_id, transaction, 'BTC')

# or

result = client.cosign_wallet4_and_submit(transaction, account_id, 'BTC')

Build recovery transaction

transaction = client.build_recovery_transaction(account_id, currency, old_address)


The library still in BETA. There can be changes without backward compatibility.

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