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A tool to convert automultiplechoice quizz to moodle questions

Project description


pypi release License: GPL v3 CI-Ubuntu CI-Mac-OS

amc2moodle, is a suite of tools to convert multiple choice questionnaires (MCQ)

The conversion supports equations, tables, figures and standard text formatting. This software is written in python and in XSLT, thus the conversion step is OS independent. It has been tested for moodle 3.x and auto-multiple-choice (v1.0.3-v1.4) and the conversion step is OS independent.

Note that auto-multiple-choice (amc) LaTeX format is very convenient, and can be used for preparing multiple choice questions off-line and avoiding moodle web GUI.


Before installing amc2moodle:

  • install python (version >=3.5)
  • install imageMagick, useful to convert image files (*.eps, *.pdf, ...) into png
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install imagemagick
    • MacOS: brew install imagemagick (see ImageMagick website for more details )
  • install LaTeXML [tested with version 0.8.1] This program does the first step of the conversion into XML
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install latexml
    • see also LaTeXML wiki or install notes that all the dependencies are installed (perl, latex, imagemagick).
  • install xmlindent [optional]. This program can be used to indent well the XML file
    • Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install xmlindent
    • MacOS: not necessary. Script will use xmllint natively available on MacOS.

For MacOS users, most dependencies can be installed with brew but LaTeXML installation can failed for some version. Please see the steps given in the install script workflow.

Install with pip


pip install amc2moodle

pip will download automatically the required files.

or if you have download the sources, run

pip install .

in the root folder (where is). This will automatically install other dependencies i.e., lxml, and Wand. Alternatively, you can run

pip install -e .

to install it in editable mode, useful if git is used.

Note: for Ubuntu users use pip3 instead of pip for python3.



pip uninstall amc2moodle


The program can be run in a shell terminal, for instance to convert an amc LaTeX file to moodle XML

amc2moodle input_Tex_file.tex -o output_file.xml -c catname

Help and options can be obtained using

amc2moodle -h

Then on moodle, go to the course administration\question bank\import and choose 'moodle XML format' and tick: If your grade are not conform to that you must use: 'Nearest grade if not listed' in import option in the moodle question bank (see below for details). Examples of the amc2moodle possibilities are given at QCM.pdf

If your original exam uses AMC-TXT syntax, you must first convert it to LaTeX before feeding it to amc2moodle. To convert an AMC-TXT file to LaTeX, generate the exam documents with AMC graphical interface as usual. AMC will generate a LaTeX version of your exam called DOC-filtered.tex inside the project directory, which you can pass to amc2moodle.

In the same way, conversion from moodle XML to amc LaTeX file, run

moodle2amc input_XML_file.xml

Help and options can be obtained using

moodle2amc -h

Then the output LaTeX can be edited and included for creating amc exams. Examples of the moodle2amc possibilities are given here.


In case of problem, do not hesitate to ask help on issues. Both binaries (amc2moodle and moodle2amc) write full log in log files based on the name of the input file (_amc2moodle.log and _amc2moodle.log suffixes are added on these files).

  • 'convert: not authorized..' see ImageMagick policy.xml file see here
  • bugs with tikz-LaTeXML in texlive 2019/2020: please update the following perl modules Parse::RecDescent, XML::LibXML and XML::LibXSLT here with cpan or cpanmin CLI.

Related Project

  • auto-multiple-choice, is a piece of software that can help you creating and managing multiple choice questionnaires (MCQ), with automated marking.
  • TeX2Quiz, is a similar project to translate multiple choice quiz into moodle XML, without connection with AMC.
  • moodle - Generating Moodle quizzes via LaTeX. A package for writing Moodle quizzes in LaTeX. In addition to typesetting the quizzes for proofreading, the package compiles an XML file to be uploaded to a Moodle server.
  • moodle-mod-automultiplechoice - An interface to use AMC within Moodle.
  • flatex - A Python script for "flattening" a nested LaTeX document by pulling in all the \input files. Part of this project has been reused in amc2moodle.
  • pyexams, It allows to eval code inside any jupyter kernel (like Sagemath, sympy, ...) and to export them in the moodle XML format.

How to contribute ?

If you want to contribute to amc2moodle, your are welcomed! Don't hesitate to

  • report bugs, installation problems or ask questions on issues
  • propose some enhancements in the code or in documentation through pull requests (PR)
  • create a moodle plugin for import
  • support new kind of questions
  • add support for other language (French and English are present) in AMC command
  • ...

To ensure code homogeneity among contributors, we use a source-code analyzer (e.g. pylint). Before submitting a PR, run the tests suite.


This file is part of amc2moodle, a tool to convert automultiplechoice quizzes to moodle questions. amc2moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. amc2moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with amc2moodle. If not, see

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