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AnarchyTools Theme and Swift support for Sphinx.

Project description

This is a simplistic theme used for the AnarchyTools Swift documentation.


Via package

Download the package or add it to your requirements.txt file:

$ pip install anarchy-sphinx

In your file:

# documentation extractor and swift specific commands
extensions = ["swift_domain"]

# anarchy theme
import anarchy_theme
html_theme = "anarchy_theme"
html_theme_path = [anarchy_theme.get_html_theme_path()]

Via git or download

Symlink or subtree the anarchy_sphinx/anarchy_theme repository into your documentation at docs/_themes/anarchy_theme and anarchy_sphinx/swift_domain to docs/_extensions/swift_domain then add the following two settings to your Sphinx file:

# documentation extractor and swift specific commands
import os
import sys
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('_extensions'))

extensions = ["swift_domain"]

# anarchy theme
html_theme = "anarchy_theme"
html_theme_path = ["_themes", ]



  • Fix layout when no sidebar enabled
  • Experimental: Generate anchors like doc2dash expects them. Tell me if something breaks!


  • Fix table rendering in theme
  • Make code boxes that overflow scrollable
  • Switch to bold style for active toc items
  • Bugfix: right aligned images were left aligned
  • Add bullets in front of nav items on top-bar to distinguish them


  • Add anarchysphinx command line tool to bootstrap documentation

Swift auto documentation extractor

If you want to use the doc-string extractor for Swift you’ll need to inform Sphinx about where you keep your *.swift files.

swift_search_path = [ "../src" ]

If you’ve set that up you can use .. autoswift:: <symbol> to let the documenter search for a Swift symbol and import the documentation in place.

You may set some flags to configure documentation behaviour:

  • :noindex: do not add to index
  • :noindex-members: do not index members
  • :members: document members, optional: list of members to include
  • :recursive-members: recursively document members (enums nested in classes, etc.)
  • :undoc-members: include members without docstring
  • :nodocstring: do not show the docstring
  • :file-location: add a paragraph with the file location
  • :exclude-members: exclude these members
  • :private-members: show private members

Manual documentation for Swift types

The Swift Domain contains the following directives, if the directive declares what you document you can skip the corresponding Swift keyword (Example: .. swift:class:: Classname)

  • .. swift:function:: toplevel functions
  • .. swift:class:: class definitions
  • .. swift:struct:: struct definitions
  • .. swift:enum:: enum definitions
  • .. swift:protocol:: protocol definitions
  • .. swift:extension:: extensions and default implementations for protocols
  • .. swift:method:: func signatures
  • .. swift:class_method:: class functions
  • .. swift:static_method:: static methods in structs or protocols
  • .. swift:init:: initializers
  • .. swift:enum_case:: enum cases
  • .. swift:let:: let constants
  • .. swift:var:: variables
  • .. swift:static_let:: static let constants
  • .. swift:static_var:: static variables

all of those have a :noindex: parameter to keep it out of the index.

anarchysphinx command line tool

usage: anarchysphinx [-h] [--private] [--overwrite] [--undoc-members]
                     [--no-members] [--file-location] [--no-index]
                     [--no-index-members] [--exclude-list file]
                     source_path documentation_path

Bootstrap ReStructured Text documentation for Swift code.

positional arguments:
  source_path           Path to Swift files
  documentation_path    Path to generate the documentation in

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --private             Include private and internal members
  --overwrite           Overwrite existing documentation
  --undoc-members       Include members without documentation block
  --no-members          Do not include member documentation
  --file-location       Add a paragraph with file location where the member
                        was defined
  --no-index            Do not add anything to the index
  --no-index-members    Do not add members to the index, just the toplevel
  --exclude-list file   File with exclusion list for members
  --use-autodocumenter  Do not dump actual documentation but rely on the auto
                        documenter, may duplicate documentation in case you
                        have defined extensions in multiple files

Generate Dash docsets with sphinx

Add the following to your sphinx Makefile. You will need the pip package doc2dash installed for this to work.

On top in the variable declaration section:


In the helptext section:

@echo "  dashdoc    to make Dash docset"

Below the html target:

.PHONY: dashdoc
    $(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(ALLSPHINXOPTS) -D 'html_sidebars.**=""' $(BUILDDIR)/dashdoc
    doc2dash -v -n $(PROJECT_NAME) -d $(BUILDDIR)/ -f -I index.html -j $(BUILDDIR)/dashdoc
    @echo "Build finished. The Docset is in $(BUILDDIR)/$(PROJECT_NAME).docset."

and run the build with make dashdoc

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