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Annict API for python

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Annict API wrapper for Python

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python-annict officially supports Python 3.6 or higher.


pip install annict



Acquire the URL for authentication code.

>>> from annict.auth import OAuthHandler
>>> handler = OAuthHandler(client_id='Your client ID', client_secret='Your client secret')
>>> url = handler.get_authorization_url(scope='read write')
>>> print(url)

Open the browser and access the URL you obtained, the authentication code will be displayed. It will be passed to the handler.authenticate() 's argument to get the access token.

>>> handler.authenticate(code='Authentication code')
>>> print(handler.get_access_token())

Note that this authentication flow is unnecessary when issuing a personal access token on Annict and using it.

See: Annict API: 個人用アクセストークンが発行できるようになりました

Hello world

>>> from annict.api import API
>>> annict = API('Your access token')
>>> results ="Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活")
>>> print(results[0].title)


For now, we do not have our own cache system. However, caching is also important to reduce the load on AnnictAPI.

So I introduce a cache plugin for requests library called requests_cache.

Install with pip.

pip insall requests_cache

requests_cache is very easy to use.

>>> import requests_cache
>>> requests_cache.install_cache(cache_name='annict', backend='memory', expire_after=300)
>>> # At first, from Annict API.
>>> # You can get results from cache, if it is within the expiration time.

For more information: Requests-cache documentation


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